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   Chapter 1686 Unopened Hearts (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7694

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"I'm sorry, work hard on what?" Kevin then walked in the scene with his son, Richard, in his arms. Whenever he wore his military uniform, there just seemed to be a strong and robust aura surrounding him.

"Work hard to have a sister for Richard." Everyone in the room started to break out in laughter. They had always been so fond of teasing Kevin ever since they had accepted him into the group.

"Oh?" Kevin raised a brow. "Is that what you want, Nana?" Kevin's ardent eyes then fell on his wife, Leena. A cheeky smile was etched on his face as the corners of his lips curved upward. He then made his way to Leena, placed an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He turned his gaze to Leena and wore an impish smile. "As long as you want it, I would most definitely work hard."

Leena then took Kevin's hand off of her waist and averted her gaze away from Kevin. Her cheek stained red as she responded, "Kevin! Don't tease me! There are kids here!" Leena was embarrassed whenever they would banter regarding these kinds of things. She tried to look around, just desperately trying to avoid Kevin's gaze and eventually, her eyes fell on something much more important than everyone teasing her.

"Rain," Leena started, her eyes wide. "He…" Leena finally lifted her head up and looked at Rain. She had a surprised look on her face, "He looks just like you!"

"Ah, yeah," Rain stifled a chuckle. "He's my son, Huey." Rain didn't realize that he had placed all his attention on his daughter and somewhat had forgotten that he had a son until Leena had mentioned it.

"Oh my God!" Leena gasped, "So Joyce is your daughter?!" Leena was astounded at the new information. She then started to fan herself, "I… I need a drink." Leena then approached Edward, took the glass from his hand, and started to gulp down the drink Edward had. "Ah!" Edward stretched his hand. "T-That's---!" But it was too late.

Edward saw that Leena had started to drink from the glass. He then proceeded to cover his eyes to avoid the incoming tragedy.

Then, Edward heard what he had expected from Leena. He then uncovered his eyes and saw Leena's revolted expression. Leena spat out the drink from her lips and screamed, completely appalled by the drink she just swallowed. "What the hell is this drink

ys right and they wouldn't ever go against her word. But, if ever someone else were to tell them to do something, they would not even budge.

The men shot each other looks, asking themselves one question, 'Since when did we become the babysitters?'

They were central figures in S City who had great impacts on S City's economy or politics. But in front of their wives, they were nothing but husbands and fathers who were supposed to bring their kids up and take care of families. They couldn't refuse.

Annie was petrified that the man she saw the other day at the supermarket was a high-ranking military officer, and his ranking seemed to be higher than Daisy's. Annie couldn't help but lower her head in embarrassment due to her own misunderstanding.

Annie sighed heavily to herself, 'Oh God. Just let me disappear…'

Daisy planned on helping Leena prepare the lunch at an earlier time but, was inevitably delayed by Rain's arrival.

Then, a pleasant smell started to waft around the area which made Daisy lift her head up. She could also hear the sound of pans that clanged together. "Hey, Leena." Daisy called out as she peeped from the doorway of the kitchen. "You done preparing lunch? I could help you out."

"Hey Daisy! Yeah, I'm actually almost done!" Leena replied. "So, just go around and have a good chat with everyone here! And don't worry, I can handle things here on my own, okay?" Leena had become a more mature woman. Leena found it easier to get along with people as well. It was a big, mental change.

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