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   Chapter 1685 The Truth (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6649

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Annie looked back at Rain. 'I thought everything was clear now. Why is he still angry?' she wondered.

"Come on! Let's get in," Rain said cheerily as he reached out his open palms after a few moments, and grabbed each of the twins' hands. The three of them walked into the house, leaving Annie behind.

The other people had already arrived earlier than them, and were waiting and relaxing in the courtyard with Leena's refreshments. When the sliding door opened and they saw Rain come in hand in hand with two children in tow, their eyes widened in disbelief, and jaws slacked.

"Oh my god! Rain, whose children are they?" Tom asked in a shocked voice as he looked back and forth between Rain and Huey, who closely resembled each other. The boy must be Rain's son!

"Am I daydreaming? Rain, are they..." Belinda murmured in an equally surprised tone. When Annie slid the door open and came to join them, they finally understood the situation.

"No, you're not daydreaming, as you can see," Rain said proudly. He previously thought that he was the only one who had no partner and children among his friends, but he was so wrong. His children were even older than Leena's, Tom's and Duke's.

"Good for you! You have twins!" Edward piped up from the lounge chair where he sat. He just came back from an overseas trip last night. Edward got up and gave his brother a playful punch on the chest. He was genuinely happy for him.

"Yes, I have twins! Are you guys jealous of me?" Rain felt extremely flattered at their reactions and compliments. He was the only one among his friends who had both a son and a daughter.

"Annie, come here." Daisy waved her hand from beside Edward. She cared about Annie very much. Daisy herself had raised Justin alone for several years, so she knew how Annie felt and how hard it was for her to raise the twins alone, without Rain's company.

"Hi Daisy," Annie said shyly as she walked up to her. Aside from Leena, she was only familiar with

wkwardly. She felt very embarrassed right now as she used to think that Leena was Rain's wife.

"Joyce, this is Aunt Leena," Rain held his daughter out a bit and told her in a soft voice. He pinched her chubby face affectionately. His heart immediately melted at the sight of his angel.

"Hello Aunt Leena, I'm Joyce An." The little girl's voice was so gentle that everyone present couldn't help but flash a big smile at her adorable nature.

"Hello Joyce, nice to meet you. Wow, you look so adorable. I wish I could have a lovely daughter like you." Leena smiled as she stroked her soft cheek lovingly. She knew it would be very difficult for her to have another baby because of her previous complications. Having Richard was already like a miracle!

"It seems that Kevin need to work harder," Patricia teased with a mischievous smile from where she stood, a drink in hand. Eden had been pestering her all this time, so she was unable to play with the cute girl.

Joyce was the only girl among the children and as a result, she had won the affection of all the adults and boys present. The adults all wanted to have a cute daughter like Joyce, while the boys wanted to play with her despite Rain's long face. He was going to have so much trouble with his daughter already being a heart breaker at such a young age.

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