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   Chapter 1684 The Truth (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6663

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"Mommy, what's wrong? Can we go down?" Huey asked in confusion, his brows furrowing. He and Joyce were sitting at the back, so they didn't see Rain.

"Oh, let's get out." Annie's head rang as her biggest secret that she managed to hide all these years was about to be exposed.

Rain also got out of the car and trotted his way over to them. But when his eyes landed on the two children, he halted.

Were they Annie's children? Rain held his breath as his eyes darted back and forth between Huey and Joyce. His heart raced and beat wildly in his chest. Somehow, the boy looked very familiar to him.

"Did you just arrive?" Annie asked as she walked over to him. She stood in front of the kids to stop him from ogling at them. What would Rain do after he found out the truth?


Your kids look adorable," Rain said as his eyes looked away. Deep inside, he pondered on who the boy looked like.

"Huey, you look like this uncle!" A little girl's voice piped up from behind Annie's back.

Annie's face immediately blanched. She dodged Rain's questioning eyes and scolded her daughter, "Don't talk nonsense!"

Rain's eyes widened in shock. He pulled Annie aside and stared at the boy carefully. He finally realized that why the boy looked so familiar. He was a mini version of himself.

Rain turned to look pointedly at Annie. "Can you explain?" His eyes roamed across Annie's face, never missing a single expression. Her every move was now under his scrutiny.

"I..." Annie clenched her fists tightly into a ball, her nails digging into her palms. She wondered how she should explain everything. Four years ago, they had one passion-filled, romantic night and two months later, she found out she was pregnant. She panicked at the beginning and even considered abortion -- after all, it was very hard for a woman to raise her child alone. However, she eventually decided to keep the babies. If she couldn't be with Rain, it was not a bad idea to have his children.

was his softest. The little boy and he shared the same attitude -- they were both stubborn and adamantly refused to accept defeat.

"No! You bullied mommy. I won't tell you my name." Huey didn't know what was going on between the adults, but he could tell that his mother was having a hard time.

"I didn't bully your mommy. There were just some misunderstandings between us," Rain said mildly. He had mocked Edward before because the latter hadn't known he had a son until Daisy brought Justin to him. Now, he was in the same position. He suddenly had a son and a daughter! How amazing it was!

"Really?" Huey didn't believe what Rain said at all. He looked at Annie, waiting for her response.

"Your daddy is right. He didn't bully me." Annie heaved a long sigh of relief as the secret she had kept for four years was finally out and she didn't have to keep things in secret any longer. She didn't know what Rain would do next, but at least she didn't have to hide from him anymore.

"Fine! I forgive you. But I have to warn you, do not bully my mommy. Otherwise, I'm not talking to you," Huey said again with a pout.

"I'll settle things with you later," Rain turned to Annie and hissed in a hushed voice in her ear. 'How could she marry that damn Fred and let my children call him daddy?' he cursed in his mind.

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