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   Chapter 1683 The Truth (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6475

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Morning light lit the living room, bathing the interiors with a soft warm glow. The house was quiet and calm. Annie stood by the door and scanned her phone. Leena had called and offered to pick her up. Although she wasn't familiar with S City, she politely declined Leena's offer. She didn't want to bother her and besides, she could always use the vehicle GPS navigation.

Soft footsteps were heard from the stairs. Annie turned around and saw Huey, who was dressed in his casual clothes. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and asked curiously, "Mommy, is the auntie who invited us your friend?" He hadn't seen his mother hang out with her friends before.

"Uh, sort of." Annie shrugged. She really didn't know it either. 'Is Leena my friend? We just knew each other the day before yesterday,' she thought to herself.

"Mommy, will daddy be there too?" Huey asked hopefully and broke Anna from her thoughts. His eyes glittered with hope at the prospect of finally seeing his father.

"Maybe." Annie shrugged again. Truthfully, she wasn't even sure if Rain would be there. The thought made her feel uncomfortable and uneasy, and her stomach churned because if he was there, how was she supposed to tell or explain to him about the children?

"Will he accept Joyce and me?" Huey asked again, anxiety evident all over his little groggy face.

"I don't know either." This time, Annie shook her head with a frown. She honestly had no idea what Rain thought about. Perhaps he had changed a lot during the past four years.

Two little feet excitedly ran down the stairs and stopped in front of the two. "Mommy, look! Am I pretty?" Joyce had gone out of her room and went down. She twirled around and flashed a big grin at Annie as she showed her the princess dress and white fur cloak she wore.

"Wow! Are you a little princess, Joyce? You look gorgeous!" Joyce was just like a little version of Annie. Annie couldn't help but reme


Rain heaved a sigh and lay back on his comfortable bed again. After several minutes, he sprang up and rushed to the en suite bathroom.

After a nice hot shower, he wrapped the towel around his waist and went to his walk-in closet to get dressed. He decided to look great for Annie and scanned his expansive clothing and shoe collection. It took him about a dozen minutes just to select his clothes.

He finally picked what he wanted. He then pulled on the pair of dark pants and a casual looking dress shirt as he thought about Annie and her children. It made him quite nervous.

Even though he knew she was married and had two children with another man, he just couldn't move on and forget about her.

He shook off his thoughts and got out of the apartment as soon as he finished prepping himself up. He went to his car and drove to Leena's house. After a few minutes of driving quietly, he spotted his destination and turned to the curb in front of Leena's house. When he pulled over, he saw Annie's car approaching.

Annie had really set out earlier than Rain, but because she wasn't familiar with S City, she got a bit lost and arrived a little later than him.

Her heart pounded loudly in her chest when she saw Rain, and she almost crashed with another luxury car.

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