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   Chapter 1682 A Ferocious Quarrel (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6798

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After hearing her words, Rain drew a heavy sigh. "That's true. You're right," he said, sounding a bit defeated. "I almost forgot that you're married now and have your own children." Despite accepting the harsh reality, he still found it difficult to forgive himself, and punched the steering wheel as hard as he could.

"But you've never considered to accept me, right?" Annie asked softly, ignoring the way he lashed out. At the age of 16, she fell in love with him. It never changed for the longest time. But how did he choose to respond to her love? Escape. In order to evade her, he even left the UK, a country he loved so much, and came back to S City. It was he who gave up on her love first. From the very beginning, it was his choice. The choice of leaving her.

"You're not me." Rain yelled, "How can you read my mind and know what I'm thinking?" Her accusation made him feel extremely insulted and pathetic at the same time.

"You're right," she was quick to agree. "I'm not you." She looked at him with such intense eyes, continuing, "So I always believed that if I kept insisting my love for you, that one day, you would be moved by my persistence. But finally, I discovered that you could be moved by anyone in the world except me. What an ironic reality!" Since the situation reached this point, Annie gave up suppressing her emotions and revealed her real feelings to him, pouring out all her sorrow, pain and grievance on Rain, the man she had loved for so many years. She resented him for thinking that he was the only one who suffered in this relationship. When in reality, it was she who bore the most pain in this relationship all those years.

Rain laughed so hard as if it were the only way to release the pain that he felt. "Annie, what are you talking about? If you really cared about me," he dared to say, "How would it be possible for you to marry another man so quickly and bear his kids in such a short period?!" With such overflowing emotions, Rain decided to let it all out, and didn't even notice

, and if she didn't drive on the way there, it was going to be extremely inconvenient.

"You still act the way you used to. Often losing your mind and forgetful. Let's go pick up your car first." Shaking his head slightly, Rain smiled at her inattention. Although a sort of fondness remained in his heart, his voice seemed as cold as his stare. And it was these things that caught Annie's attention.

"If you're in such a hurry, I could just take a taxi," she muttered, as she truly did not want Rain to be angry again. As she found that he was more susceptible to tantrums today, it would be better, for both of them, that she didn't get into a situation where it was plausible to have another fight with him.

"Just relax. I still have enough time to send you back," he said, quickening his pace. Annie was compelled to follow him. She knew he was still angry and sighed inwardly. What a temperamental man he was!

After driving her back to the YS Group, he rushed towards KD Group. Had it been the meeting of FX International Group, he wouldn't have had to be in such a haste. For KD Group, however, it was crucial that he attended the meeting as so many people wanted to oust him from his position in the Group. Pulling himself together, he willed himself to be cautious. He took a deep breath, and then entered the front doors of the building.

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