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   Chapter 1681 A Ferocious Quarrel (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7196

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"Really?" she asked, intrigued. Upon hearing his recommendation's convenience, Annie felt frisky enough to ask for confirmation. If the kindergarten was indeed close to her house, even if she didn't have the time to send her children herself, the babysitter could do this for her.

"That's true," Rain affirmed, "Let me take you there sometime to check it out." Rain had no idea why he was too eager to help. After all, the children weren't his flesh and blood. So why was he playing such an active part in Annie's personal affairs? His inner thoughts, however, couldn't help but be interested in anything that concerned her. Due to such a dangerous undertaking, he thought he must be going mad.

"Sure. But before we go, I need to put these things in the office." Taking her things from his arms, she walked to her office quickly to drop the documents and prepare her purse.

What she didn't notice was Rain's unceasing gaze after her as she went into her office. Seeing her pace in glee, Rain felt like his soul seemed to be captivated by her grace.

When she was ready, they made their way to the parking lot where Rain's car was parked. It was a bright-colored and eye-catching ride, standing out amidst other cars like a big frog in a small pond.

Just as Annie was about to head to her car, Rain held her back. Shocked at his own actions, he began talking before he was even aware of what he wanted to say. "Let's just go together in my car!" he suggested. "After the visit, I can just drive you back here."

Annie hesitated, "Won't that be such a bother to you though?" As he was an important figure who - according to Belinda, was in charge of two companies, Annie didn't want to take much of his time. Having so much on his plate, the man must be exhausted from his work and thus, she felt obliged not to demand more than the generosity that he was already showing her.

For Rain, though, it was anything but not the trouble to be able to spend more time with her. So, he replied in an affable manner, "It doesn't matter. It shouldn't take much time." Opening the door for her, Rain waited for her to accept his proposition.



"Why did you think that Leena was my wife?" he persisted, "Don't tell me that was the silly reason why you left me in the past?" With eyes fixed solely at Annie, he had the inkling that his guess might be true.

"I..." she said, her voice trailing into silence. She felt obliged to meet his gaze. The hot and sharp eye contact made it more difficult to admit the real reason why she left him many years ago. This simple reason, however, sounded so stupid and meaningless now. She wanted to laugh so badly at the irony of their fate.

Even when Annie couldn't complete her sentence, Rain already understood her words the next moment. Thus, he wanted to break the frozen atmosphere and said unwaveringly, "Well, I already know what you meant. Is it safe to assume then that you left me just because I let you down rather than the fact that you didn't love me?" A gush of sorrow overwhelmed him as he asked her. If that were true, both of them were simply the biggest idiots in the world. How could they be apart from each other for so many years just because of a silly misunderstanding?

Finally, Annie opened her mouth and said, a sad smile on her face, "Rain, does this still matter now?" She bit her lips and lowered her head. No matter what reason, it seemed that they could never reverse the past. What happened back then was an unchangeable fact. It was simply impossible to undo several things that already took place.

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