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   Chapter 1680 A Ferocious Quarrel (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7773

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"I think you don't love him anymore. You've shifted your love to me," he said hastily. 'All right!' thought Rain triumphantly. It had been a while since Rain last played mind games with Belinda. Now he was interested in playing it all over again, particularly now that someone else had joined them in the room.

As Belinda was about to refute him, a cold voice spoke to them, "Am I invisible to the two of you?" Both were taken aback from hearing the allegation. Shifting their gaze from each other, they looked at the culprit who spoke to them.

As soon as Belinda recognized the person, a big smile unfolded on her face, her bantering with Rain all but forgotten. She spoke, her voice all sweet and flirtatious. "Haha, honey. Why didn't you tell me that you were here?" Under her radiant smile, a weird and unpleasant feeling settled in her stomach. It seemed that she was trapped by Rain, that awful lady boy. He must have seen her husband approaching them, and tricked her into saying those words.

Ignoring the exaggerated smile on his wife's face, Duke replied cold heartedly, "If I didn't show up here, I think you might've gone with another man," And as he spoke, his gaze shifted between Belinda and Rain. His cold facial expression made his wife forget everything, and wait in anticipation of Duke's next words.

"Hey, hey, Mr. Cold. You saw it yourself. It was your wife chasing after me rather than the other way around. Don't you go beating me to a pulp, okay?" Rain said with an innocent face. Secretly, he relished the possibility of seeing the couple have a fight. If that happened, it would be a rather fun and interesting form of entertainment.

"Just shut up!"

"You shut up!"

Simultaneously, the couple berated Rain to stop talking. Both stared at him like they were only seeing red, which signaled Rain that it was time to get out of their face.

"Woops," he said feigning remorse. "If you guys want me to shut up, I will gladly take my leave. Maybe then, when I'm gone, you guys can carry on with your lovers' quarrel." Although he hadn't forgotten about his priorities, Belinda Chick being reprimanded by her cold and jealous husband amused him to no end, and thus, as soon as he stirred another round of trouble for her, he made a quick run for it. Another reason why he dashed away fr

fore grabbing everything and rearranging them.

"Of course not," she said, flustered. "Are you here for Belinda?" She stole a glance at him sideways, curious of his facial expressions as her words began to register.

"Can't I come here for you?" After the bantering with Belinda, Rain did feel enlightened on some matters, and decided not to suppress his emotions. Therefore, more concealed meanings lay hidden under his words in an attempt to declare more of his love than in the past.

"For me?" Annie repeated, in complete disbelief of what she heard. Confused by his words, her hands that were scrambling on the floor for everything stopped in mid-air. Lifting her head up, she looked at Rain directly.

"Yes," said he, "For you. I heard you were looking for a kindergarten. I found one for you." After picking everything up, Rain stood up and didn't return the things back to her. Instead, he stared at her while carrying them for her.

"That's so nice. I can't just accept your kindness. And..." What Annie was dodging to share with him was that Belinda had already introduced her to a nice kindergarten. But as she didn't want to let him down, Annie decided not to tell him instead.

"I assure you that you're going to like it! It's quite close to where you live. It'd be very convenient for you!" Essentially, it was Belinda who let him know that Annie was in search of a kindergarten. As he wanted to be certain with his recommendation, he went to the kindergarten in person and checked its facilities, environment, and faculty.

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