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   Chapter 1679 A Ferocious Quarrel (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7328

Updated: 2019-05-06 00:35

Before the party commenced, Belinda unwittingly saw Rain. As someone who rarely came to YS Group, it came as a surprise to see him there, and she found it a rare opportunity to make fun of him.

"Hey Rain," taunted Belinda, "Did the sun start to rise from the west? To what do we owe the pleasure of having you here?" As she took a jab at the unsuspecting man, Belinda feigned surprise as he drew closer. Then, as if to support her inquiry, she peered through the window mockingly, checking if the sun did choose to rise from the other side that day.

Rain did not expect that Belinda would really believe that the sun was rising from the west and even try to figure out. He just said ironically, "Now, do you find out where is the sun rising from?" He gave her a long and daring look, his scorn visible from a mile away, and the scent of irony basically oozing from his suit.

"What nonsense. Have you seen what time it is? The sun's in the middle of the sky," Belinda said, matter-of-factly. "How would you see whether the sun rose from the west or east at this hour?" Throwing a dirty look at him, Belinda snorted derisively at his simplicity.

"Good for you to know that," said Rain indifferently, "So why were you pretending to see the sun then? You silly girl." Aware of the woman trying to play him, Rain couldn't figure out whether to stoop to her level. It was apparent that Belinda was only intending to tease him. 'What a terrible woman,' he thought to himself.

"I just want to. What's it to you?" retorted Belinda, not skipping a beat. Personally, she was angry at Rain for the way he would act and speak to her. His tone was rude, and he often acted inconsiderate, yet treated Daisy with such reverence. The huge difference made Belinda uncomfortable.

"Where's Annie?" After a short and ridiculous quarrel, Rain decided to ask what he really wanted to know.

"I wouldn't know," said Belinda, "It's not like she's my employee." As his attitude persisted to vex her, she didn't want to give him the satisfaction by answering him quickly. She intended to drag this for as long as she could.

"That's enough joking," said Rain seriously, "Just tell me. I'm very b

of suffering." As Belinda wasn't involved in the predicament, she found it easier to provide frisky pieces of advice without taking the consequences into account.

"Do you think life's like a romantic drama? Get your head out of the clouds, Belinda Chick!" Rain sulked and turned around. He didn't have any more time for such a nonsensical conversation. On the other hand, maybe she was right. Finding Annie by himself might've been a faster way to make it.

"Hey!" called out Belinda in surprise. "Don't you want to know where Annie is anymore?" Although Belinda didn't tell him what he wanted to hear at once, she didn't intend to never tell him at all. All she wanted was to play a joke on him first. But she never expected that he'd give up in the middle of their bantering to find Annie himself.

"No!" Rain said decidedly. Then without a glance, he got ready to leave again.

"Hey! What's with the bad temper? Now that I want to tell you where she is, you're not going to listen?" Marching briskly, Belinda tried to catch up to him.

"Hey," Rain said abruptly, turning around to face her. "Does your husband know that you pursue another man behind his back?" A mischievous glint in his eyes appeared, partnered with a playful smirk. Confused, Belinda took a moment to digest the sudden attack which made no sense.

"What do you think?" asked Belinda. Since Rain was ready to start another row, there wasn't a reason for Belinda to back down.

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