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   Chapter 1678 Clarified Misunderstandings (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7108

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"What question? As long as Mommy wants to know, I will answer it honestly," Huey put down the toy in his hand and replied seriously, his eyes looking right into her mother's.

"If your daddy is in S City, would you like to see him?" Annie observed his reaction secretly, wondering if the subject would seem a little heavy for him. After all, he was just a child.

"What about you, Mommy? Would you like to see him, too?" The little boy tilted his head, and wondered, 'So, it turns out that the place far away from home that mommy told me is here. So, she has been lying to me? I could not see daddy, not because he is too far away and couldn't come back, but because he doesn't want to see me at all. Hmmm, just as I have guessed.'

"I..." Annie was a little hesitant. 'Can I tell him? As a matter of fact, I really want to be with Rain, even in my dreams.' She thought secretly.

"If Mommy doesn't want to see him, then I also don't want to see him. Anyway, he doesn't want us." Huey mumbled in resignation. Annie's hesitation led to his misunderstanding. So it was but natural for a child to think and react that way, now thinking that his own father was hiding from them.

"No honey, it's not like that at all. Your daddy would love to see you and your sister so much; but he doesn't even know about you two yet." Annie said and bit her lips. Although Huey was only four years old, his understanding was a lot higher than most children his age.

"So what you just said is not if, but Daddy is actually in S City, isn't he?" said Huey, looking at his mommy with great expectation. Thinking that they were so close to his daddy now, he couldn't help but get excited.

"Yes, that's right. So I'd like to ask your opinion. Would you like to see him?" Looking at him very earnestly she was curious to know what his real feelings about it were.

"Mommy, didn't you just say that Daddy didn't know about us yet? Don't you first have to tell him about us and ask him if he'd want to see us?" Huey was analyzing the situation like a small adult.

This had become a very serious problem, so Annie suddenly fell in

"Judging from the tone of the casting agent I talked to, that was what they were thinking about you." Her agent spoke haltingly, a little worried that he'd be the target of her grumpy temper.

"He-he! Pure...I guess she got the part because she has already offered her body to someone, most likely the casting director. Everybody knows that it happens a lot in these circles." Eleanor said angrily and clenched her fists. 'No, I couldn't sit still and do nothing. I need to figure out a way to get that part. That part belongs to me and nobody else! In any case, I can't miss this chance to be a super star.' Her mind was racing as her nostrils flared.

The corners of her agent's lips twitched violently. He wondered, 'Serving such an actress is really…I am going to be killed by her big venomous mouth some day. Is she really not clear what place they are in now? How should she dare to talk a lot of nonsense here? Does it mean that she doesn't want to be engaged in this business anymore? As they say, do not bite the hand that feeds you.' A similar thing had also happened before. She offended, Vice President Xia just because of an advertisement. Fortunately, he had a broader mind and did not cause her trouble, even if he could do it easily with just a snap of his fingers. Otherwise, Eleanor would no longer be where she was at the moment, probably working at some filthy red light entertainment place.

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