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   Chapter 1676 Clarified Misunderstandings (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7266

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"Wow, you two are really on the same page! But why the need to speak so loudly...I am so scared..." Leena scratched her ear gloomily, wondering why they were so excited.

"Because what you just said was a shattering blow to our pride." Patricia said with an expressive look telling Leena that she deserved it. What Leena didn't know was that nobody ever did dare to show her any negative facial expressions since she was publicly recognized as the little princess.

"Well, I didn't mean to! I was just telling the truth." Leena really didn't understand their situation. Because Luke had always been nice to her, she automatically thought that Luke was very easy to get along with! And when they said they were afraid of him, his cold eyes and his sharp tongue, she had no idea what they were talking about. Luke was never mean to her.

"The 'truth' you just told was actually torture for us," said Michelle, who this time agreed with Patricia and began to reproach Leena, as Luke's cold eyes often intimidated her and made her unable to say anything.

"Then fine, I will just shut my mouth from now on. Is that okay for the two of you?" Leena said, pursing her lips. Although she said that, her mind was racing wildly.

"Nope, that's not enough for us. Unless you treat us to something delicious... and expensive, we will not consider letting it go." Patricia thought of eating something delicious again. The three girls were around the same age, and anyone watching, who didn't know them would surely think that they were just young and immature millenials, instead of grown up women with children.

"You glutton! But fine, no problem. I will treat you," said Leena, then she turned around abruptly to scan the surrounding area. She felt that there was someone hiding somewhere close and watching her.

Annie, who was standing not far away and looking at Leena, was startled by Leena's actions. It was so unexpected that when she tried to avoid seeing her eye to eye, it was too late. Leena had already seen her. She could only pretend to look at the items on the counter.

"Annie..." After recognizing Annie, Leena muttered, and walked quickly towards he

ake friends, so she was genuinely glad to introduce herself.

"Hi there! And I'm Michelle, Luke's wife." Michelle had changed a lot since she got married. Especially after she became a mother, she was more mature and charming now, and her image as a gangster girl had been long gone. These were all part of the strong influence of Luke's cold face, that a slightest twitch of his eyebrow would have Michelle doubt herself, as if there was something wrong that she had done.

"How are you! I'm Annie. It's very nice to meet you." 'I have only been away for a few years and I have no idea that so many people have already gotten married.' Annie thought.

"Annie, there's a coffee shop upstairs. How about we go there and continue to hang out and talk there?" It was such a rare chance for them to meet like this. Also, Leena wanted to know a few more things from her.

Annie checked the time on her watch, felt a little indecisive, but still she agreed to Leena's suggestion, "Okay!"

In a lot of ways, the four women were so different from each other, but when they walked together, there was no sense of discord. Instead, they all looked very harmonious, as if they had been friends since they were little girls.

After they each ordered their favorite coffee, the topic was jump started by Leena.

"So Annie, did you come to S City alone? How long will you stay here?" Leena stirred the coffee gently and looked at her with a smile.

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