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   Chapter 1675 A Shocking News (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6069

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"Oh, no. We're good here. Just go focus on your work," Annie quickly reassured.

"No, Annie. It's not that. I have work there, you see." Fred took a job as a judge of some rookie singing competition in S city. He would have declined the offer in a heartbeat, if only Annie wasn't in the same city as well.

"Oh. Really? Are you extending your business to S City, too?" Annie, although maintaining her tone, frowned deeply. Somehow, she felt that Fred's coming here would only bring trouble. He had misled everyone at the party into thinking that she was his wife. Things would just get more complicated if he came here.

"No, it's just some kind of commercial work. I don't have other plans apart from that. But I am also thinking about accompanying you for a while until you've finished your work there," Fred replied. He felt very possessive of Annie; he couldn't handle the thought of having some other man swoop in and take her away from him.

"No, really. It's okay. If you think you need to look after me and the kids, you really don't. I can't ask that much from you. Besides, we're doing great over here." Annie tried to fake some enthusiasm, anything that would make Fred change his mind.

"What? Don't you want to see me?" Fred said quietly. There was a hint of hurt in his voice. He had spent three years chasing after Annie, hoping that one day she would feel the same way he did. The last thing he wanted was to lose his chance with her.

"Oh, no. It's not that. I'm just a bit tired recently," It was true, though. With her new job, new surroundings, and new information she had just learned, it felt as if her life was running along the fast track.

"You should get some rest then. Look, I won't disturb you anymore. Just don't be too harsh on yourself. You have kids to look after," h

time Luke would throw Eden a cold stare, he would instantly go quiet. Tom joked about it, teasing that he'd like to leave Eden with Luke.

"I know what you mean. I get scared of that guy, too," Michelle replied, pursing her lips. Every time she did something wrong, Luke would cast her a chilling look. She would do his bidding in a flash. Before, she walked around doing as she pleased without any fear. Now, things were completely different because of Luke.

"No way! Luke is nice! He is not terrible at all." Leena looked at them with puzzled and hurt eyes. She could admit that Luke was cool and definitely not the friendliest guy around. But he would never hurt a fly!

"That's from your point of view." Patricia and Michelle rolled their eyes at Leena. Before they stepped into this inner circle, they had never known how those men doted on Leena. When they did, they finally saw it with their own eyes. Leena was totally the princess. Those men would grant whatever was requested by her. Michelle and Patricia would be lying if they said that they were not jealous of Leena. But they also knew for a fact that Leena was unique and irreplaceable. Everything and everyone had the destiny to fulfill.

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