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   Chapter 1674 A Shocking News (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7093

Updated: 2019-05-05 01:15

"Go and sit anywhere you like. Do you want something to drink?" Belinda asked nicely, not noticing Annie's strange change.

"A glass of cold water would do." Her head was still spinning from all this new information about Rain. She slumped back on the plush leather couch, and put her hand to her head.

"What? Cold water? Are you sure? It's freezing cold today!" Belinda looked at Annie, her eyebrows knitting.

"Oh, sorry. I..." Annie could no longer muster up any other words. She was deeply unsettled at what Belinda had just told her. It was only then that she had realized how much hurt she must have caused Rain. The wooziness in her head had gone; it was replaced by a terrible heaviness in her chest. Annie closed her eyes, covering her eyes with her hand.

"I'll get you some warm water. Okay?" Belinda noticed that Annie seemed to be aghast. She looked at Annie with a bit of worry, but thought it best not to pry. She went over to the mini bar in her office, grabbed a small glass, and filled it with water. She walked over to Annie and gave her the drink.

"Thanks." Annie took the glass and downed its contents. When she had finished, she breathed in deeply, trying to calm herself down.

Belinda had sat down across from her. She tucked one leg in front of the other. "I heard that you got married, right? And have kids." Belinda started. She felt sorry for Rain for missing someone he loved. But she also understood that love was mutual and now that Annie was married to another man, she couldn't just force Annie to divorce and marry Rain.

"I..." Annie contemplated whether or not she should tell Belinda the truth. She bit her lower lip and diverted her gaze from Belinda.

Belinda saw Annie was getting uncomfortable. "Never mind. It's okay if you don't want to talk about it. By the way, are you free for lunch? Let's have lunch together. It's on me. I've missed you so much!" Belinda said hurriedly.

"Thank you for your invitation, but perhaps some other time," Annie politely declined. She knew Belinda was kind enough to invite her to lunch. But she got another emergency to d

eather was really cold that day. Maybe some hot coffee would help her lessen the throbbing pain in her head. She closed her eyes, and rubbed her fingers at her temples. She was at a loss now. Annie had thought that she and Rain would never have to interact ever again. But now, things were different.

Just then, her phone rang. Annie let it ring for a while, not intending to answer the call. But the phone just continued to ring. With a sigh, she reached for her phone. She read the caller ID -- it was Fred. With a sigh and a click, she answered the call.

"Hey, Fred. What's the matter?" Annie had stayed at S city for a while now. It slipped her mind that she didn't even call Fred ever since.

"Annie, is everything okay there? You said you would call me as soon as you arrived." Fred was totally engrossed with his music career that even he thought to call Annie only now.

"Yeah. Everything's good. I just got here and have lots of things to prepare. I'm also trying to adjust to my work and the people here. Sorry I didn't call you sooner," Annie sighed. She was grateful that she had a friend like Fred around. He had helped her and the kids so many times.

"It's alright. I was busy these past few days too. I'll go to S City when I finish work here. See you there soon," Fred said. Although he didn't let it show, he was a bit on edge with the thought that Rain was in the same city as Annie.

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