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   Chapter 1673 A Shocking News (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7035

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Annie was a perfectionist. She was very picky about details. Anyone who knew her was well aware of her dedication when it came to her work.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Xiao. I'm Annie An, the jewelry designer." She extended her hand friendly for a handshake. She examined Eleanor, noting that she was more beautiful in person than in the photograph she saw.

"Nice to meet you too. Hope we'll get along well, Miss An." Eleanor reached out and touched Annie's hand slightly, almost as if she was disgusted at the thought of touching Annie.

Annie dismissed Eleanor's arrogant attitude. She knew that Eleanor had received invitations from many other brands. Although it was wrong, it made sense that she would think so highly of herself. The fact that they would only be working together for a short amount of time gave Annie a peace of mind. Annie just smiled, keeping her cool until she could finish her job.

"I'd like to introduce you the jewelry -- the emotions and meaning behind every piece." Annie took out a sketch book and flipped through the pages. She moved in closer to Eleanor so she could have a better look.

"Umm... Is it really that necessary?" Eleanor was still fairly young, and yet she acted like a mean old lady. She had only been recently involved in the fashion world, which might have contributed to her sass and bad temper.

"No, no. I didn't mean that. I just wanted to explain them to you, you know, so that they would come alive as they were intended, and that you'd see how impressive they really are." Annie's forehead furrowed a bit. She had never anticipated that Eleanor would be so uncooperative. She imagined that if Eleanor would be like this all throughout, finishing this job would be next to impossible!

"Wait a minute. If I remember correctly, didn't you choose me because the theme fits me? You don't have to worry about me. Just do your job, and I'll do mine," Eleanor said, pursing her lips and raising an eyebrow at Annie.

"I'm sorry, Miss Xiao. But I do hope communicating with you won't be a problem. If I may say, YS Group chose you to model

She had already turned and walked towards her office. Annie walked quickly to keep up with Belinda's pace. A lot of questions were running through her mind.

"Isn't he married?" Annie asked, mustering up all her courage.

"Oh? Who told you that?" Belinda turned around to look at her, puzzled.

"So... he's not?" Annie was uncertain at Belinda's response.

"Of course not! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. He even hasn't had a girlfriend for god knows how long!" Belinda chortled. Although Rain liked to make fun of her, Belinda knew he had changed a lot over the years, so did the others.

"Then who was that woman I saw he was with? That must have been at least his lover or something." They were already only a few feet away from Belinda's office. Annie had stopped in her tracks, completely in shock. She tried to process what she knew, what she saw, and what she had just recently learned about Rain.

Belinda sighed, "No, you must have been wrong. Apart from Leena, there is no other girl in that man's life." Belinda pushed the door open and walked in. She held the door and waved her arm, urging Annie to come in.

"No. It's impossible. That's impossible." Annie walked into the room robotically, her thoughts whizzing through the air. If what Belinda had just said turned out to be true, then that would mean she had been misunderstanding him this entire time.

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