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   Chapter 1672 Family (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6903

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Hearing what William had said, several members of the Ke Family stood startled and recused themselves into absolute silence. FX International Group was indeed a shark in the ocean and it was clear that it wasn't to be messed with. All that was left to be done for them was to stare in cold, shameful and pitiful silence when the documents were being taken back. Yet again, another attempt to ambush Rain had ended in a disgraceful defeat for the Ke family.

As soon as he returned to the familiar atmosphere of his office, Rain threw off many documents that were lying on the table to the ground. His burning fury shone brighter than the afternoon sun. His past and his beginnings were a soft spot in his heart. Those were easy targets for anyone who wanted to infuriate him. He exploded on the inside whenever that topic was brought to discussion, even though he always managed to maintain his normal demeanor.

Previously he had been frustrated by Annie, but the new set of troubles being launched by the Ke family were hardly anticipated. If it had not been for many of the planned projects, he wouldn't have left them unharmed to wander around in the company.

"Rat-rat," William knocked the door gently before he pushed the door open and walked into the room. Witnessing the sight of the mayhem Rain had created in a few minutes, he felt frustrated but chose to let it go. He took the initiative by himself and began picking them up one by one. He wasn't going to disturb Rain and be a subject to his burning flame of fury.

"William, rush to the YS Group and ask for their Recent Events Schedule," Rain ordered. Since Annie had turned up for work this time, being its partner, YS Group would certainly possess first-hand valuable and confidential information about her.

"Yes, sir," William replied. Many questions popped up in William's over-curious head but he knew that now wasn't a good time for the questions to be asked. Previously, Rain just had to ask via phone in order to be aware of the affairs of the YS Group. But this time around, he chos

if both of you find reasons why you were wrong rather than right," Annie said in one swift delivery before she stood up and headed upstairs. Her eyes had gone red with sadness. She always yearned for a pillar of support whenever incidents such as these happened. It had gotten more and more difficult lately for her to shoulder all the responsibilities of the family.

Looking at their mother's highly emotional state, both of the kids regretted having gotten their beloved mother there. After all, they both loved their mother very much.

"Huey, I will not ruin your things again. You've my word. Can you forgive me?" Joyce asked. Girls had a delicate and flexible mind even during early childhood, or so it seemed for now.

"I'm sorry! It was partly my fault too. You wouldn't have had to ruin my things if it wasn't for my perpetual ignorance towards you," Huey suddenly felt the urgent need for him to gain some broad mindedness. His mother had told him sometime ago in a tender tone that as the little man of the family, he was entitled to protect his mother and his sister and take genuine care of them.

"I forgive you. Can I get a hug?," Joyce pleaded playfully. The elder brother and the younger sister hugged each other happily, with which the conflict ridden atmosphere seemed to vanish into thin air. With a smile, they became model siblings, yet again.

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