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   Chapter 1671 Family (Part Two)

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"William, fetch me the current financial statements of KD Group. Hand over a copy to each of them. Let them decide whether their CEO is exaggerating the situation just to keep his position," Rain ordered. To put it mildly, their survival depended entirely on his existence in the company; to put it harshly, they were nothing but a bunch of dogs fed by him. The difference between them and dogs was they remained disloyal to their master.

"Yes, sir!" William strode away. As far as he knew, Rain had invested a big chunk of his personal wealth in KD Group. In other words, forty percent of the company's shares had one rightful owner's name beside it- Rain.

"Alright. Expose the financial documents to us. Who cares?! I just hope you won't end up lamenting this decision," Eugenia said in a sarcastic tone. As a senior executive of KD Group, she was aware of everything that happened in the company, so her retort sounded slightly uncalled-for.

"Eugenia, you needn't to care about his emotions anymore. Do you think a man such as him would have a sense of shame? Don't forget who he is and who we are," Vance said with a strong sense of superiority. Inside his head, Rain had already been defeated. But was he?

"I'd have forgotten about it if you hadn't reminded me of it," Eugenia held her head high in pride soon after being reminded by her husband.

"You're undoubtedly beyond my understanding. But I've one advice for you. Don't be over aggressive. If you try to do more good in this lifetime, then perhaps God will permit you to be born as a human being in your next life instead of a beast again," Rain was exceptionally capable of using very cruel words to get his way under Edward's influence, who he knew was more cruel than him. Therefore, it definitely wouldn't be a cakewalk for them to beat Rain in a verbal debate.

"Rain, don't push me beyond my natural limit," Vance began cursing Rain, brawling in absolute fury.

Noticing that Rain and Vance were fighting with each other, Hannah felt a little relieved. Internally, she started plotting her next move.

"Sir, the financial statements are here," William said after he came back with Rain.

"Go ahead and circulate the statements with them. They have to see the situation with th

paid by the Ke Family, not your esteemed master of humble origin," Vance said. Since William had long been an unpleasant sight to his eyes, he was now getting even with him.

"I'm sorry to inform you that I am being paid by the FX International Group instead of KD Group. Thus what you say would mean nothing to me. We consider them as nothing but nonsense," William said irreverently. Previously he had been polite to Vance in consideration of his identity as the second son of the Ke Family, but now he found that it wasn't a sufficient reason anymore. A person who didn't bother to respect himself wasn't worthy of anybody else's respect.

"That's impossible and undeniably outrageous. How could FX International Group pay a KD Group employee?" Vance didn't believe a word of what William had just blurted out. He thought William had said that in order to mislead them.

"That depends entirely on the people currently occupying the important chairs. Whenever our Mr. Xia is in need of anything, our CEO Mu makes sure that he takes care of it. That is to say, as long as Mr. Xia has an intention to control KD Group, he will get it done without the slightest of worry," William said before he took the financial statement copies back. He wasn't going to reveal that just as they had assumed a moment ago, KD Group had in fact received several big cases, each of them having a good margin of profit. The fact that none of those projects had made its way to the revenue report of the company was undeniable.

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