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   Chapter 1670 Family (Part One)

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After leaving the cafe, Rain didn't return to FX International Group. Instead, he chose to cruise straight to KD Group, because William had given him a call saying that Hannah had called many of her supporters together in order to coerce Rain to reinstate Cyrus back in the head office.

"Mr. Xia, thank God you've arrived. Their foolish acts are ruining the company to the extent that the day-to-day affairs of the company are in peril," William received Rain and alerted him in a hurry. His arrival had been anxiously awaited by William for a while now. Situation had been spiraling out of control and the situation demanded a man who could take charge in order to ameliorate this disaster.

"When did they initiate? Why wasn't I informed about this sooner?" Rain asked in an enraged tone while striding himself into the company, with the heavy smell of gunpowder still persistent on his face. He cursed them in his heart for not letting this body to gain a pinch of meaningful rest.

"At the outset, we were under the impression that we had the situation under control. But later, all of us came to the conclusion that it has spiraled beyond our hands. We decided unanimously to maintain restraint considering your family relations with them and leave the decision to your wisdom," William explained while rushing to keep pace with Rain.

However, the heavy footsteps of Rain echoing across the corridor ceased abruptly as soon as he heard what William had just said. Turning around and keeping a cold stare on William, he whispered slowly, as though he was dropping the words one by one, "They are not my family. I don't want to hear anyone saying that ever again."

After uttering that, he walked straight into the elevator, without caring to pause for at least a moment.

William struggled awfully to catch up with Rain. He knew that Rain wasn't so fond of the Ke Family, but he hadn't expected that he loathed them to this extent.

As soon as he arrived at the top floor, Rain heard a pang of hubbub. It seemed to him that he had just landed at the epicentre of terrible scene in the making. Rain twisted his eyebrows into a clean furrow. The apparently short limits of his temper were being

ace. He still hadn't accepted that such a legitimate son as him could not beat a bastard.

"Vance is right. The CEO of KD Group goes so far as to look down upon the company under his own management. He insults and rebukes us. Working underneath him will only render disasters to this company."

"Right! So we require the dismissal and replacement of the CEO. I'd consider transferring Cyrus back from the branch office as a good option."

"Otherwise, it'd also be wonderful to let Vance take up the position."

Hearing their discussion, Rain stood still with a faint smile on his face. Like a flock of sheep without a shepherd, they had earned the guts to provoke him. It appeared that they had saved enough money and it was time for them to go back home and live on their own fat.

"Do you really want me to quit even at the cost of an imminent collapse of the KD Group?" Rain didn't give a damn about the position of KD Group's CEO, because even if he resigned from KD Group, he was still the Deputy CEO of FX International Group. But KD Group was the institution wherein he had left so many footprints altogether. He didn't really feel like the writing on the wall had appeared asking him to quit.

"Stop exaggerating the situation beyond our wildest imagination to freak us out. You seem to think that the entire operation of KD Group relies on you solely," Vance smiled, without giving a definite answer. He didn't believe Rain was indispensable for KD Group.

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