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   Chapter 1667 Having An Affair (Part Two)

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On the other hand, Annie secretly bit her lower lip and wondered if she was going too far. They were designing the products in accordance with YS Group's image after all and it was understandable for them to have their own thoughts. However, she really didn't like to be bothered while she was working.

"I agree. Janice, remember to add those two items to the contract." After a short consideration, Duke decided to agree with Annie. Since he had chosen her company as a partner, he should trust her. Moreover, Annie was Rain's beloved woman and he hoped that he would help Rain win her heart again.

"Thank you, Mr. Leng." Annie was thrilled. She didn't really expect Duke to say yes.

"No problem. You're Rain's friend and I will do whatever I can to help you." Duke gave her a friendly smile.

"Uh, Mr. Leng, could you please not tell him that I'm in S City?" Annie asked, embarrassed. She was worried that she couldn't help but warn Rain about his wife's affair thoughtlessly once she met him.

"Can you tell me why?" Duke asked confusedly. He furrowed his eyebrows and remembered what Rain had told him before. 'Does she really forget Rain? That can't be possible!' he thought.

"We both live a happy life now. So there's no need to bring more trouble." Annie smiled bitterly as she didn't think that she was able to get back together with Rain again.

"I think you mean you live a happy life now." Disdain was suddenly written all over Duke's face. He thought that Annie had a happy family now and didn't want Rain to disturb them.

"Mr. Leng, I don't get your point," Annie said with a frown. 'Is Rain not living a happy life? He has a beautiful wife and an adorable son. Oh, maybe Mr. Leng knows that Rain's wife has an affair," she thought to herself.

"You'll get my point as long as you still care about him," Duke said in defense of his best buddy. His goal was to help Rain win her heart back. He really didn't want Rain to live in sorrow.

"Mr. Leng, the contract is ready." Janice entered the office at that moment, which helped Annie escape the embarrassment. Otherwise, Annie didn't know how to respond.

"The next thing is to find the suitable model for our products. I've already found one. However, I think it's still necessary to listen to your opinion." Duke looked at Janice and asked her to give Annie the model's information.

"Sure." Ann

ou want me to tell you her number?" Duke asked with a teasing smile. He decided to not give Rain the number so easily.

"Give me the number!" Rain picked up his pen to write it down.

"I can give you the number. However, what do you plan to offer in exchange?" Duke flashed a cunning smile. 'Dude, you always oppose me. This time, I won't let you have Annie's number so easily,' he thought.

"You brat! Two bottles of Hennessy! Are you satisfied?" Rain thundered through gritted teeth. If Duke were right in front of him, he would punch him on the face.

"Ouch! My ears! Are you trying to murder me?" Duke complained. Luckily, he had already moved his phone away from his ear.

"I'm in no mood to talk nonsense with you. Give me the number, now!" Rain threatened. He still had a lot of work to do and he didn't want to argue with Duke anymore.

"I'll text you the number when I'm in a good mood." After saying that, Duke immediately hung up. He didn't want to face an angry Rain.

"Damn it!" Rain banged his phone on his desk. He knew Duke was getting even with him for the model thing. 'Mr. Cold is as cunning as Edward!' he thought to himself.

Rain was in no mood to deal with the documents anymore. Thus, he stood and walked to the French window as he thought of Annie.

Although Duke told him that there was no man around Annie, she had two children. Who was the children's father? Did they get married? Or had they already divorced each other? A myriad of thoughts flooded Rain. He needed to figure it out and think about what he should say when he saw her next time.

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