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   Chapter 1666 Having An Affair (Part One)

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Annie had to buy a lot of daily necessities since she just moved into the new apartment. She went to a nearby supermarket together with her children after taking a rest. In the supermarket, she placed Joyce in a shopping cart and urged Huey to grab her clothes and follow her.

"Mommy, can we buy some candies?" Joyce stared at her mother with a hopeful expression.

"No, honey. I don't want you to have bad teeth." Annie turned her down without wavering even a second. Joyce loved eating candies and hated to brush her teeth. The little girl would even start crying whenever she asked her to brush.

"Mommy, please! I promise I'll brush my teeth," pleaded Joyce while pursing her lips.

"Your promise is not credible. So, no!" Joyce had made the same promise more times than Annie could count. However, her little girl would go back on her word each time.

Unlike his sister, Huey didn't even have to ask for Annie's consent. He just put the things he wanted into the shopping cart and was indifferent to his sister's behavior.

"How come Huey can have what he wants?" complained Joyce. She felt wronged as her brother could take whatever he wanted and she couldn't. She thought that Annie loved Huey more.

"Because the things Huey takes are not food. They are school supplies," Annie explained in a soft voice. Huey was more mature than his twin sister. Every time Annie came to supermarkets with the twins, Huey would take books and toys that could help develop intelligence. Annie was happy to see that.

"I want candies!" Joyce looked at her mother in the eye. She knew her mother would eventually give in.

"No! You can't eat candies!" asserted Annie. She thought she should not keep spoiling Joyce.

"Waah! Mommy, you don't love me, do you? I want candies!" It was then that Joyce started to cry. She could see it on her mother's face that she would not give her what she wanted.

"Idiot! You know nothing but eating and crying," Huey interrupted as he rolled his eyes at his sister. He couldn't even figure out why Joyce was so naive.

"I'm not an idiot! You are a bad brother! I'm not playing with you." Joyce cried even harder.

"Okay, okay. Don't cry, baby. You can have a lollipop, okay?" Annie couldn't help but surrender to her daughter's tears. She sighed with resignation and thought, 'It seems like being a strict mother isn't an easy thing after all.'

shook her hand in a gentle way. Since Annie pretended to not know him, he decided to adopt a businesslike manner.

"I will, on behalf of Doyce Jewelry, work with you for the next two months. I'm hoping for us to have good cooperation." Annie was in a fitted business suit. She was very professional as if her father weren't the CEO of C Financial Group.

"We'll try out best to cooperate with you. If you have any requests or inconvenience, please let us know and we will try to meet your requirements." Although Duke looked indifferent, he was considering how to help his buddy court Annie on the inside.

"Why don't we start discussing our contract now? As we said before, we will charge a 40 percent commission. If you have no objection, please sign the contract," Annie said. She was handling the situation expertly and it seemed that she had learned a lot in the past few years. She now had this air of a professional businesswoman.

"Here, I must say that we, YS Group, will not be responsible for any financial and legal disputes caused by the quality of your products." Duke skimmed through the contract and put forward his requirement. He ran two companies with great facility.

"Of course, Mr. Leng. I'd like to renew my request as well. Our designers have their own design concepts and I hope you won't enforce your will upon us." Annie didn't like laymen making indiscreet remarks on her work.

That statement from her made Duke furrow his brows and tap his fingers on the desk. As a businessman, he had to consider it carefully so as to make the best decision for the company.

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