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   Chapter 1664 Return To S City (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7253

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"What the hell are you doing, Rain? Didn't you hear all those voices against you? They preferred you to stay away from this company!" Vance roared hysterically. His brother had already been dismissed to a subsidiary company, leaving only him as Rain's competition. He had been plotting how to get rid of Rain, and finally came up with an idea which would take advantage of the board in an attempt to dismiss Rain. But Rain did not fight back at the meeting at all. Instead, he treated Vance as invisible! How arrogant of Rain!

"The file you have been given contains all the information about this project. I believe all of you are aware of the large profits the KD Group stands to generate from it. So, I'm awaiting a perfect proposal from you in a limited time," Rain ordered decisively, leaving Vance muted in anger.

"Yes, sir. We'll do everything in our power to create a perfect proposal," the leaders of the management team chorused immediately. They had always admired Rain for his extraordinary business talent.

The board members nodded at each other in satisfaction after perusing the document. It was as if the ones who had earlier agreed with Vance, and spoken in favor of removing Rain, suddenly changed identity.

A cold smile appeared on Rain's face. A bunch of old foxes! But he would outfox them! They would easily sacrifice their principles, as long as there were profits luring them. Rain decided to deal with them by pretending cordiality temporarily. After the company passed this critical period, he would no longer need to tolerate them anymore.

As the meeting closed, the dust had settled. But Vance was still unwilling to submit to Rain's leadership. He stormed into the CEO's office immediately after the meeting.

"Rain, it must be a phony project, right? The HT Group won't award KD the case so easily." Many big companies were bidding on the project of the HT Group. Choosing the KD Group to be the executive company was just too good to be true. After all, the KD Group had just experienced a very risky period not long ago.

"That's your opinion, and I won't make any comments. For you though, it may have been a huge diff

S Group?" Annie glanced the pretty woman over from head to toe, and then asked to confirm her identity.

"Yes, I'm Janice. Nice to meet you." Janice offered her hand for a friendly handshake. Actually, she was not employed by the YS Group. She had worked for Duke as his special assistant. After Duke and Belinda's marriage, the YS Group and the Leng Group had become one grand company then. So, claiming herself to work for the YS Group was not entirely correct, but in the scope of things, it was accurate.

"Nice to meet you, too." Annie accepted her outstretched hand.

"I look forward to working together." Janice was a natural at getting along with people due to her gracious approach. She had earned much praise as Duke's right hand.

"Same here!" Annie was a bit astonished to be working with such a young woman, and she wondered briefly if Janice was capable enough to complete their tasks.

"Are these your kids?" Likewise, Janice was also amazed when she saw how young Annie was. She struggled briefly to reconcile the idea that Annie was both a jewelry designer, and a mother to such young neonates.

"Yes. Huey, Joyce, say hello." Annie never relied on her family's status, so she avoided using their money when she had left. She worked as a jewelry designer to support herself and her children. At first, it was quite a struggle, but she had the talent. So, she quickly earned a successful reputation and large profits.

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