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   Chapter 1661 Persistent Eleanor (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7059

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"Kevin, how did it go? Is Rain joining us for dinner?" Leena asked her husband. She was walking out of the kitchen, the apron still on her waist while holding a spatula.

"Of course. He immediately said yes as soon as he heard you were cooking. He'll be here soon," Kevin reported. Any invitation which included a meal was always welcome for Rain. He would never turn down Kevin's invitation because honestly, he missed Leena's cooking. Rain lived alone and was not comfortable letting people he didn't know well into his home. That was the reason why he never even hired a housemaid. He enjoyed living alone but seldom had a good home-cooked meal since he didn't know how to cook.

"By the way, where is Richard? Why isn't he with you?" Her brows furrowed when she didn't see her son around. She had asked Kevin to look after the boy while she cooked.

"He's being punished. I had him stand at military posture," Kevin said nonchalantly. He said it as if it was no big deal for a small child to take on the stance that broke even adults.

"What? Stand at military posture? Where is he?" Leena raised her tone. She immediately panicked upon hearing her husband's words. The boy was only two years old, for God's sake! Why was he given that kind of punishment? And what did he do to be punished that way? At times, Kevin was really something else.

"He's there by the door going to the garden," Kevin replied. He pointed his chin towards the direction of the garden. Leena immediately turned to look that way. She sighed deeply. "All right. Tell me, what did he do?"

The boy was very precious to Leena, and at that age, she didn't want to see him being harshly punished. But Leena also believed in teaching her son the right values. The last thing she wanted was for the boy to grow up spoiled and then end up a brat. So, if he did something wrong, Richard had to be punished. And it was up to his father to decide how to discipline their child.

"He destroyed my model tank," Kevin simply said. Kevin spent his free time, amounting to many months, finishing that model tank. He was very fond of it

here was a lot of competition because of Rain's popularity, so she was taking every chance she had to flirt with him and get the man to like her. She wanted Rain, and was confident she would soon get him.

"Anything is fine. I'm supposed to be somewhere, so goodbye," Rain quickly answered. Randomly, he grabbed a bottle of Tequila and turned to walk to the counter. He wanted to quickly pay for his purchase and leave the store as soon as possible. Rain wanted nothing to do with Eleanor. Women, who didn't know how to read signs when they were not wanted and kept chasing after men, annoyed him. Like Edward, Rain could be cold and cruel in situations like this. He didn't want to be involved in messy relationships. As soon as he knew someone he disliked was interested in him, he would immediately cut her off and block any attempts of approaching him. Rain was not blind. He could see through what Eleanor was trying to do.

"Hold on! Since we happened to meet here while we're both shopping for liquor, are you going to be gentleman enough and pay for my purchases?" Eleanor asked sweetly. She smiled at Rain flirtatiously, while glancing meaningfully at his chest. He'd left some of the buttons of his shirt undone, and a small patch of smooth skin showed. Eleanor was doing her best to seduce Rain and was not being subtle about it. She had no idea that her actions only made Rain dislike her more.

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