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   Chapter 1660 Persistent Eleanor (Part Three)

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Finally sighing deeply, Rain started the car and drove away. But he didn't return to the KD Group like he told Edward earlier in his office. Instead, he headed to the cemetery. He had a strong urge to visit his mother now.

On his way to the cemetery, he bought a bunch of white chrysanthemums that his mother loved so much. When he arrived, Rain quickly got out of the car but walked up the steps slowly, with his head hanging low. When he reached her gravestone, he stopped and saw it was clean.

He laid the white flowers on the ground, and slowly lowered himself to sit facing his mother's grave. Rain sat very close to the gravestone and stared at the black and white picture on it. Lifting his hand, he gently stroked the woman's picture, as his eyes filled with regret and love. Rain truly missed his mother now and wished she was still by his side to guide and comfort him.

The woman in the photograph was beautiful. Her smile dazzled, and her eyes were kind and gentle. She looked like the type of woman who was warm-hearted and loving. It was probably what made her more stunning. Rain felt extremely blessed to have inherited her good looks, which was why women were often attracted to him.

"Mom, I really don't want you to see me like this, depressed and sad. But I can't help how I feel. I'm sad and lonely, and I miss you terribly. And these feelings simply won't go away. I wish you were here." Then Rain closed his eyes and leaned on the gravestone. Suddenly, he felt like he was in his mother's loving arms. There was a real warm sensation that enveloped him.

"You once told me that I should fight for the things and people I love. But mom, what if that person I want doesn't want to be with me? Should I still fight for her? Or do I just give up? I don't want to end up like you, Mom. I honestly don't. I knew he lied to you. And in the process of hurting others, you also harmed yourself, didn't you?" Rain sniffled. As he talked t

y was reflected in his tone.

"Really? That's wonderful! I'm not saying no to your invitation. I'll be there soon, okay?" Rain said. Before Kevin called, he was just wondering where to eat tonight. His call saved him from thinking. Leena was truly a kind and considerate little sister.

"Get yourself a drink, because I'm not letting you have mine," Kevin told him. His tone was indifferent, to clearly show he wasn't as happy as Rain.

"All right, all right. I'll get liquor for myself, you miser!" Rain said happily. He quickly hung up and raised his head to look around. Fortunately, he saw a liquor store nearby, so Rain didn't have to drive elsewhere to get his preferred drink. He drove straight to the shop and parked in front of it. It was indeed his lucky day. Earlier, he decided to have some liquor to relax tonight. With Kevin's call, Rain would have company while drinking.

The corners of Kevin's lips curled into a playful smile. Rain was always picky about almost everything, especially hard drinks. So, no matter what he decided to bring would not be bad at all. The truth was, he would also be happy to see Rain and share a drink with him although he admittedly felt a little jealous of the man because his wife cared about him too much. It seemed they'd be having some fun tonight.

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