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   Chapter 1659 Persistent Eleanor (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6611

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"I know you can't control your employees' minds, but this is related to work. As an employee, she has the responsibility to do things you ask her to do. And shooting a commercial is part of her job. Besides, she's also going to gain fame and money while doing it, so why shouldn't she? Or are you telling me you can't order your employees to take on work?"

Duke looked at the two men before him. He was sure that Edward, with his strong personality, would never allow his workers to disobey him. He was simply too aloof to help him out. Of course, there were exceptions, and in this case, it was Rain, the self-centered guy. Rain was always free to do what he wanted, regardless of what anyone else thought of his ideas. Even Edward couldn't compel him to do something he didn't want. He allowed Rain to do whatever he wanted as long as he completed his work.

"You have a point. While Eleanor did sign a contract with us, it is still her choice to accept or reject a work offer. I can't decide for her if she wants to accept your commercial or not. I can't control her that way," Edward explained. Frankly, Edward and Rain's entertainment company was indeed very generous. They entered into contracts with actors and actresses to make money. But they also gave their artists a chance to shine and do what they truly enjoyed doing. No one was ever forced to do something they didn't want to do. And they made it clear the company and its officials did not control every aspect of their lives.

"So, you mean there's really nothing you can do about it?" Duke nearly whined. He was very frustrated and on the verge of giving up. The truth was, his staff had already gotten in touch with Eleanor, but it seemed negotiations didn't fall through. She did not accept the offer. That was why Duke decided to come and ask the two men for a favor.

"I didn't say that. Well, how about you ask Rain for his help? He's good at dealing with matters such as these. Besides, the woman

ible. Any woman seeing his expression now would surely be charmed.

After storming out of the FX International Group building, Rain got into his car and slumped in the seat. He felt miserable and suddenly lost his usual energy. He was extremely frustrated and didn't know what to do. And it was only when Rain was alone that he let out his weakness.

He fished out a piece of paper that had always been inside his pocket. Rain felt the paper burn his hand. Written on it was an address that he had committed to heart after looking at it a million times. He hadn't the courage to look for the woman he badly wanted to see. In truth, he was afraid of getting hurt again. He feared that what he desired was all wishful thinking. And he was terrified that she might have already moved on. Rain was scared to admit his fragility and that he couldn't afford to get hurt all over again.

If she truly loved him, then she wouldn't have left him years ago, with no intention of returning. If she still cared for Rain, she wouldn't have been indifferent when they saw each other again. He replayed how calm and distant she looked as if they were complete strangers, and it hurt him deeply. So, these instances and emotions confused him. He was no longer sure of what to think or feel, or if she still felt anything for him.

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