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   Chapter 1657 Why Isn't Daddy Back Yet (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5590

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The West Hill accident was a big blow to KD Group. In order to decrease the loss to the minimum, Rain busied himself more than ever with fixing the issue and driving the company away from further damage. Only occasionally when he sipped his coffee during a break or when he took a nap that Annie's beautiful face would flash in his mind. She was wearing a blue evening gown and smiling at him.

Slim fingers tapped lazily on the sleek keyboard. "Uncle Rain, why did you have to ask me to design the software? Don't you know I have much homework to do every day?" Justin said lazily as his eyes darted to his uncle. In order to make Justin a qualified successor for the FX International Group in the future, Edward had required him to learn a lot of things about the company. That was to say, Justin had to learn the business of the company as well in addition to juggling his schoolwork.

"Do you think that I will believe a person who always hides in the corner to play the games would be a busy one?" Huh, Justin was a cunning boy, and he was a lot like his father.

"I just want to relax myself a bit after getting too stressed with all the heavy homework. Do you really hope that I die from overwork?" Justin sighed as his fingers stroked and massaged his forehead. When he had finally found some free time to relax himself, he was unluckily caught by Rain.

"Cut it out! Don't pretend to be a poor boy. I know what you're like. It won't work for me," Rain said, as if to crudely expose his lie.

"Uncle Rain, do you really want to treat me like this? Don't forget that I'm still a kid." Justin continued to give Rain those puppy-dog eyes in an effort to try

e a face behind his uncle's back like an annoyed child. After Rain was gone, Justin had no choice but to pick up the file from the table and study it carefully.

When Rain had stepped out of Justin's place, Anna was at the door waiting for him. "Mr. Xia, Mr. Mu asks you to go to his office," she said respectfully.

"Anna, it seems that your married life with Aaron is very happy. You look good!" He was always frivolous and carefree in front of people he knew well, as if he never seriously cared about anything. When he faced people he hated or when it was about his work, it was a different story.

"What? Are you envious or jealous? Then why not find a wife and start a happy marriage like us? Don't be all talk and no action!" Aaron's voice popped up as he came from the other side of the corridor and he walked over to them. He appeared on perfect timing to save his wife from embarrassment.

"Aha! Someone got angry. Okay! I'll stop bothering you. You two lovebirds just continue your business." Rain laughed jovially and then pushed the heavy double doors open, and entered the president's office.

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