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   Chapter 1656 Why Isn't Daddy Back Yet (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5802

Updated: 2019-05-02 02:55

"Okay. I know. Huey is teasing you. It's just a joke. Don't take it to heart, okay?" Annie said to console her daughter when she saw that the little one became quite sad.

"It's not a joke," Huey said flatly. Boys were boys, they always tended to make fun of their sisters at home. However, if anyone outside dared to bully their sisters, they would spare no effort to defend them. Such was the strange but precious phenomenon of sibling love.

"Huey!" Annie snapped with a straight face. It was only when Annie showed anger that her son knew that he should be nice to his sister.

"Okay. I know. Mommy always favors Joyce over me. Hmph!" As soon as he finished his words, Huey instantly turned around and rushed upstairs, the sound of his running feet hitting the hardwood quite heavily. He was indeed hurt by his mother's scolding tone.

"Mommy, is Huey crying?" Joyce asked with concern as droplets of tears started to pool and wet her long lashes.

"Don't worry. He's alright. He is a boy, and boys don't easily cry." Despite saying so, Annie was still a little worried. After she had calmed Joyce down, she walked upstairs.

Annie turned to his bedroom door and turned the knob gently. She poked her head inside and saw her son sitting on the windowsill, his eyes turned up to the sky as he watched the clouds quietly. Annie knew that when he acted like this, he really was very upset.

"Huey, what are you looking at?" It seemed that living with a single mom made the poor boy get easily sentimental.

"Mommy, do you remember? You said that Daddy will come back in winter. But it is the second winter since you said that. Why isn't Daddy back yet?" During the day when he was at nursery school, his classmates o

er again not to think about him, and to get rid of him from her world. However, she couldn't make it. As long as there was something connected to Rain, she couldn't help but pay attention to and brood over it.

When she reached her bathroom, Annie turned on the tap and filled the tub with warm water. She then added a packet of Epsom salt and a bath bomb to help her relax. When she deemed it enough, she removed her clothes and submerged her body into the water. The warmth of the bath made her feel relieved from all the troubling things that day as she enjoyed it in a comfortable silence.

A whole lifetime was too much of a stretch, and she didn't know how long she could hold on and how long she could hide all this from her children. It stressed her out so she just decided to go ahead with the flow and deal with whatever that would happen along the way. She had no other choice now anyway.

The sky in S City was filled with thick, greyish cumulus clouds that made the atmosphere quite cold this year. It was probably due to the weather, or it simply varied from person to person. However for Rain, it had never been too cold for his liking.

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