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   Chapter 1655 Why Isn't Daddy Back Yet (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6776

Updated: 2019-05-02 02:37

"Huh," Rain snorted. He knew that his father didn't come here to show he cared about him. Under all those kind words of asking how he was were just the company this, the company that.

However, he also didn't care whatever reason Sanford came here for. He had always felt distant from his family as he completely lost faith in these cold-hearted so-called family members. He only hoped that they would not disturb his life and his personal affairs.

"Rain, do you have any issues with me?" Sanford suddenly asked in a thick voice. His eyes firmly rested on Rain's lanky posture which sat in repose, his eyes closed as if he was not even there.

"What do you think?" Rain's eyes shot open and he looked sharply at him as he asked in an equally disdainful voice.

"I know you are blaming me for not having taken good care of you and your mother, and you think that's the main reason that had caused your mother's death," Sanford reflected. The past was the past, and it was gone forever. If only he could go back in time and make other choices, he would choose not to be that weak-willed.

"You? Do you think you even deserve to mention her in my face?" Rain hissed. He had such a bad temper today, his emotions flitting through sadness, irritation, and anger. He had already been exhausted enough, and now his father's visit only added fuel to the fire. Moreover, his father's mention of his deceased mother hit the weakest spot in his heart.

"I'm your father, so watch your mouth!" Sanford shot back. He felt rather offended by Rain's harsh accusation.

"Father? Who said you are my father? I have never admitted it. From the moment my mom died, you already became a stranger to me. Your only contribution to me was your sperm." Rain was too emotional now as he couldn't help but stand upright in retort, his eyes sending daggers to the man in front of him.

"You…" The sound of a palm hitting the cheek was like a cracking of a bullwhip. Sanford looked at his hand that hung in air, not believing what he ju

Uncle Fred? Didn't you go with him?" Joyce released herself from her mother's embrace and backed a few steps, just to see if Fred was behind her mother. Since Fred was the only man she ever saw around her mom, Joyce hoped that the kind man could become her father.

"Uncle Fred has gone back to his own home. Huh! You are actually missing your Uncle Fred, not your mommy, right?" Annie said in a pretend sad voice, with a matching forlorn look on her face.

"Of course not. I missed mommy the most!" Joyce's voice was as sweet as candy that it could bring instant comfort or a pick-me-up to anyone who heard it. It was as if it could heal like some sort of magical medicine, and Annie's heart melted at the sight of her.

"Huh! She's lying. She talked about Uncle Fred every day and spoke highly of him. Of course, she misses him. Everyone can see that." A boy's voice interrupted Annie's musings. Huey just walked out of the bathroom, wearing a set of comfy flannel pajamas and looking quite fresh after his shower. Unlike Joyce who excitedly rushed to her mommy as soon as she saw her, Huey remained calm when he saw his mother. He just slowly walked over to them and acted very cool.

"No, I am not lying. Mommy, Huey is the one who's lying. I wasn't missing Uncle Fred." Joyce refuted in an almost crying tone as she was extremely anxious.

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