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   Chapter 1654 Why Isn't Daddy Back Yet (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6741

Updated: 2019-05-02 02:34

"So? Shouldn't you go to ask her to stay?" The living room was silent except for Edward's pissed voice. He looked at the view from the floor to ceiling length windows, and not even the lovely skyline could calm his temper. His lips twitched in annoyance. He was irritated by Rain's carefree manner as if things had nothing to do with him.

He was holding the phone in vice-like grip as the other person hissed into the receiver, "You already said the flight will take off at four o'clock. But it's now fifty past three. Do you expect me to fly there by rocket?" On the other end of the line, Rain reclined lazily on the cream-colored sofa. He watched the crystals of the chandelier sway a little bit with flat eyes. This misfortune would come to him sooner or later, and here he was. It would be useless for him to make any further efforts to try and change anything. Forced love did not last.

"As long as you want, nothing is impossible for me." Edward visibly relaxed a little and flashed a sly smile. His hands loosened the grip on the phone. To delay a flight was a rather simple thing for a powerful man like Edward.

"No need. Like I just said, I don't want to cause her any trouble," Rain said with a hint of finality in his voice. He stopped watching the chandelier crystals and turned to look at the bare white wall instead. As time passed, his ardor for love gradually wore off. He had become more mature in handling his emotions now.

"You can continue to be an airhead if you like. But don't come running to us if you regret this." Edward retorted and he didn't bother to hide his irritation. Now he was truly annoyed. Hadn't Rain always been a womanizer? He was rather known for that, even. When did he suddenly become so nonchalant and uninterested in love? Was he a saint now or was he on some sort of sabbatical? Edward wondered.

"Do you think that is even possible? Someone who is so handsome and attractive like me will never regret." Rain snorted, his tone laced with both arrogance and

im anywhere, so…" Sanford said tentatively, as he tested the waters. He had always acted very cautiously in front of Rain as he felt that he would annoy him if he said something inappropriately.

"Stop! I don't have a brother like him. He is only your son and it has nothing to do with me." Rain's defiant voice rang loudly in the room. What he hated the most was whenever Sanford connected him with his family. He refused to be a part of their revolting clan.

"How's the matter now? Has it affected the stock?" Sanford decided to try switching the subject as he asked carefully.

"Haha! I should have thought that this is what you really care about," Rain said as his lips smiled in self-mockery for the umpteenth time. Although he thought that he wouldn't be affected by anything this family of his did, he couldn't help but feel hurt by them at this time.

"I…" The light in Sanford's face dimmed, not knowing how to explain himself.

"Since you are worried about it so much, I can tell you now. As long as I am here, the company won't fall." Rain faced him and his lips were formed into an unfathomable smile. Even so, the smile couldn't hide the somber mood he was hiding deep inside.

"That's good, it's really good!" Sanford breathed a sigh of relief. If that was really the case, the family would not fall into a decline.

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