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   Chapter 1648 Misunderstandings (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5968

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At Kate Hotel

Just as Annie entered the bathroom and shut the door, her room door was opened from the outside and a few people sneaked in. They put someone on the bed and covered him with her quilt before leaving the room. The whole stealthy process lasted no more than a minute.

Outside the room, by the door, Luke flashed a cunning smile, holding a camera in his hand. Not too long ago, he had convinced a bellman to put the camera in the room with the excuse of giving Annie a bottle of wine as a present from the hotel. That way he could know when she would enter the bathroom and take this opportunity to send Rain in. After they put Rain in the room, he took the camera out with him. The plan seemed perfect. The first half was executed perfectly. Now all they needed to do was to wait for the rest to unfold.

Meanwhile, Annie immersed herself in the warm water. She didn't hear anything from outside the bathroom as the sound of flowing water drowned out any other noise. Besides, she was still dwelling on the encounter with Rain at the party earlier.

Her heart felt like it were being gripped tightly by an invisible hand when she remembered that Rain had called her Miss An in an indifferent way.

She had always thought of Rain as a playboy without any plans of getting married. To her dismay, it turned out that he not only got married, but now had an adorable son.

Before going to the party, she had hoped that Rain would still be single. She was going to test the waters and see if they could have a chance to get back together. She loved Rain and was willing to work out their differences and perhaps change his mind, so they could get married in the future. But with what she had seen this evening, her plan almost made her look like a fool and she fel

is dream.

Annie bit her lower lip and pondered for a while. Then she placed the glass on the nightstand and reached out to help him sit. However, when she touched his body, she withdrew her hands at once as if she had touched something with electrical current.

'Rain, what should I do? I can't just leave you here alone, and I can't sleep with you either. You are really causing a big problem for me here,' she thought to herself.

She went to the couch and sat there, thinking about their past and looking at him. She really regretted having left four years ago. But there was no time machine that would take her back to undo what she had done.

She held her knees and stared at the man on the bed who was sound asleep. How she wished she could hug and kiss him. But she was a virtuous woman and would not sleep with someone else's husband. She kept telling herself that he had a beautiful wife and a wonderful son. No matter how much she loved him, she couldn't be the homewrecker.

She flashed a bitter smile and mocked herself. Her heart was aching as if someone were ripping it apart, the pain reaching the depths of her soul. She took out her phone and the screen lit up.

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