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   Chapter 1647 Miss An And Mr. Xia (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7185

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Their car drove to the hotel where they were staying and neither Annie nor Fred noticed the car that was following them discreetly. That car did not turn back and drive away until the man in the car confirmed their hotel.

"Mr. Mu," called Luke as he quickly walked across the party towards Edward.

"How was it? Did you locate their hotel?" Edward asked while clasping his hands behind his back. The stance made him look both professional and smart.

"Yes. It's Kate Hotel. What a coincidence." Luke followed the two after they left the party as what Edward ordered. It turned out that Annie and Fred chose the most familiar hotel in the city.

"That's great. Where is Rain? Is he still upstairs?" Edward smiled guilefully as he thought, 'Screw it, Mrs. Chen. I will be helping Rain this time no matter what.

Say goodbye to being a stranger because you will be family.' "Yes," Luke answered in a low voice. He was clueless about Edward's plan. Nevertheless, he would never dare question this man's decisions since he had proven him to be a wise man.

"Bring him to Kate Hotel. To be specific, drag him to Annie's room." Kate Hotel was one of Edward's properties. It would be just a piece of cake to execute what was in his mind.

"What? Are you sure? Isn't it a bit inappropriate?" Luke did not understand Edward's intention.

"Just do it. I'll take the responsibility," said Edward nonchalantly. He was a decisive and powerful man. Thus, he would not allow any question towards his decision.

"Yes. I'll do it right away," said Luke with a nod. To be honest, he didn't like Edward's idea but he would not defy his order either.

"Wait. Remember this. Be carefully and leave no trace." Edward did not believe that Fred Chen and Annie were truly husband and wife. Therefore, he was sure that the two would not share the same room. He easily sensed the coldness between the two just by hearing them talk. They were too distant to be a real couple.

"Copy that," Luke promised and then left to carry out Edward's order. It was truly a challenge. Edward must have trusted him a lot to leave this hard task to him.


try to fool us. You must have done something already, right?" Duke would never believe that Edward would let thing be without taking any action.

"I won't allow my friend to be teased, even though she is a female," commented Edward. Annie must know that there was a high possibility to meet Rain when she decided to attend the party held by FX International Group. He found it odd that Annie decided to come in with another man. Had she even thought of Rain? He had been waiting for her for four years. How could she even show-off on his face?

"Great! As expected! Would you mind telling us a bit?" Duke smirked while looking at Edward. Edward would always be the first to protect his family and friends.

"Two words." A cunning smile cracked Edwards lips while looking at his friends.

"What?" Tom and Duke asked in chorus.

"A secret." Edward left immediately when he finished speaking, leaving the two looking at each other cluelessly.

"What did he mean?" Duke said puzzledly with furrowed eyebrows.

"A secret, he said." Tom was also ready to leave. Edward kept it a secret because he would not tell them. That was simple to understand. Thus, he thought, 'Since when did Duke become this mentally slow? Probably since Spencer was born. But then, people say that it is the mother who is mentally affected after giving birth. How is it even possible for Duke to be this blunt when it is supposed to be Belinda?!'

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