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   Chapter 1646 Miss An And Mr. Xia (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7143

Updated: 2019-05-01 01:57

"Hey, kid! Are you sure you are only nine years old? You sound like ninety." Rain walked to the nearest bar stand and reached for a bottle of wine. His chest was still aching, thus, he bottomed up the bottle he grabbed in just one huge gulp.

"I already told you. My brain was not designed to be understood by a mere normal like you, Uncle Rain," Justin teased and sighed. He was quite content about himself.

"Justin." Another child's voice was heard from behind them and made Justin frown. 'Oh my God! He's here too!'

"Hello, Uncle Rain." It was Spencer who was looking super cute as he ran towards them. He was taller now than how he had been two years ago. The only thing that didn't change with him was his brotherly obsession with Justin.

"Hey, Spencer. Are you here for Justin?" Hearing the child made Rain forget about being depressed. He thought that it was better for him to divert his attention, thus, he started making fun of the kids. Everyone knew that Spencer liked staying around Justin so much.

"Yes, Uncle Rain. I like to play with Justin." Children were living in a very simple world and Spencer was sure enjoying it. He was so innocent and uncomplicated when he immediately said his purpose.

"Oh, God! I shall go and hide now," sighed Justin in desperation as he thought, 'How could Spencer be as innocent as this?'

Rain kept smiling while talking with them. Although he was here, his eyes were still searching for Annie unconsciously. She was still very beautiful after so many years. Moreover, she seemed to become stronger as she matured in grace.

Probably he should take Justin's advice. He should have told her how he was feeling regardless if there was a man next to her. He would definitely have done that if he still was the former Rain. It was just that he wasn't the same man anymore. He was done with being young and reckless. He had also matured. He realized just then that loving a person didn't mean that he had to be with her. What mattered most was that Annie was happy.

Meanwhile, Daisy was extremely eye-catching tonight. She was wearing an elegant evening dress which was

r. He could clearly remember how they used to embrace that night and how it felt to make love to her. However, nothing was left of that anymore. It was just like a dream.

"Annie, are you hiding something from me?" asked Fred while they were driving away from the party. It was hard not to notice how strange Annie had become since they encountered the vice president of the FX International Group.

"No. Why do you ask that?" Annie took a deep breath to calm herself down. She smiled to force herself to look okay as she didn't want him to see that something was wrong with her.

"Let me make a guess. Is FX International Group's vice president their father?" Annie's children resembled the man so much and Fred was not a fool to miss that fact.

"I'd prefer not to discuss this topic for now." Annie frowned. Fred had been helping her with her kids for a long time and she was grateful for it. However, it didn't mean that she was willing to give up her privacy. She disliked it when others tried to spy on her. Moreover, she wasn't happy with how Fred interrupted her earlier. They were never a couple but his behavior and words were misleading. That was just not right.

"Okay! I won't force you. We'll leave tomorrow anyway." Fred Chen smiled gently. Frankly, he wasn't even looking at Rain as a rival in love. Annie and Rain simply should have not been apart for so many years if they truly loved each other.

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