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   Chapter 1645 Miss An And Mr. Xia (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7124

Updated: 2019-05-01 01:08

Rain felt that his world stopped the moment he laid his eyes on her. Everything else on that party just seemed to melt on the background in an instant. He was suddenly deaf of the classical music that was filling the place as all he could hear was the loud sound of his heartbeats.

"Ball. Ball." It was then that a little boy's voice broke the silence that had occupied him temporarily. It was Richard, Leena and Kevin's little boy. The young boy was staring at Annie too just like Rain. His toy ball rolled towards the woman and coincidentally stopped between her feet.

"Oh. I'm sorry! Here's your ball." Annie looked away from Rain hurriedly and bent over to get the toy. She had believed that she would not lose herself again before him after so many years. However, it was easy to tell that things didn't happen the way she expected. Just the mere glimpse of the man she loved was enough to make her lost again.

On the other hand, Rain tore his gaze from her and turned to the man standing next to Annie. The man's face was not bad. He even looked gentle and well educated.

Fred Chen was also looking back at Rain too. This was the first time he had met Rain. He thought that Rain's face was beautiful rather than handsome. His features were soft and yet eye-catching. 'Rumor has it that he is the vice president of FX International Group. Could that be true?' he silently thought.

"Hey, boy. Here you are." Annie felt more depressed upon seeing Richard as she thought that the little boy was Rain's son. Nevertheless, she did not allow the sadness to show on her face as she remained smiling at the little boy.

"Thanks, Miss An." Rain finally managed to say after a long while. His voice was distant and emotionless. He was feeling too many emotions inside him that he couldn't explain.

"My pleasure, Mr. Xia," Annie replied in an equally cold voice. She did not want him to look down upon her, thus, she decided to be distant from him. An eye for an eye as they said. However, she could not feel sadder deep inside. It broke her heart to see him again and find that he already had his own family. She ev

tanding in the middle of the crowd alone.

"Uncle Rain, guess what I saw!" It was only a few seconds after when Justin suddenly appeared next to him. He was nine years old now and was taller than his peers. It was all thanks to his parents' excellent genes that he grew up as a very charming boy. Nevertheless, he was still obviously smarter than average and acted maturely.

"Oh? Tell me about it. What did you see?" Rain shot him a depressed glance. He still couldn't believe how Edward made an exact replica of him through Justin. Heck! He looked exactly like his father.

"I saw Auntie Annie! However, there was a man with her," said Justin in a joking tone. He was actually silently observing when Annie and Rain met. Frankly, he was expecting something exploding to happen back then. He was imagining Rain jumping on Annie and hugging her excitedly. Nothing of his expectations happened though. Everything went too quiet between the two and it was not like his Uncle Rain at all!

"Are you here to comfort me or make fun of me?" It was weird for him to discuss such an adult topic with a child. Nevertheless, Rain had never treated Justin as a simple child. Justin was like a matured man trapped inside a child's body.

"Neither. What I'd like to say is that you should have approached her regardless if there was a man with him or not." Justin let out an evil smile which made him look like Edward more.

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