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   Chapter 1644 The Reunion (Part Four)

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Leena knew that Rain was depressed and this made her worry. She knew she had to try to cheer him up at least a bit. She then handed him one of the glasses she carried. He took this in hand and bowed his head slightly in thanks.

No wonder tons of people came to like Leena. She was always so thoughtful and considerate. It just warmed everyone's heart.

Rain took a sip from his glass. "So… Where's Richard? I thought he was with you." "Aah, he's playing with other kids and besides, Kevin's with him so," Leena said with a shrug. "I can take a bit of a break."

She took a sip from her glass and looked where Kevin and Richard were. She smiled at the bright and playful sight. Boys at Richard's age become naughty and playful, and since Kevin wasn't around most of the time, Leena had to entertain and tag along with Richard. She was easily exhausted every time this happened.

Leena found it amusing when the other kids were so stiff around Richard. Maybe it was because his father, Kevin, was wearing his military uniform.

As Leena continued to look at Kevin play with Richard and other children, Rain's eyes were on her. Leena wore a white dress as well and Rain could not help but compare her to a fairy. "You look stunning in that dress, Leena," Rain said with a soft smile. "Really, you do."

Leena turned to Rain, surprised at his statement. "Really?" She looked down at her own body and like all women, she sighed. She could never be satisfied with the figure she had. "I think I've gained so much weight though."

"Don't say that!" Rain exclaimed as he started to look at her from head to toe. Rain nodded firmly. "You look perfect."

Leena just looked at Rain and pouted, not buying whatever he had just said to her as she playfully hit him on his shoulder. No matter how skinny women are, they just can't be satisfied with what they are blessed with.

Leena and Rain continued to talk to each other with champagne in their hands and talked about anything under the sun. They shared laughs and smiles, enjoying each other's company.

At a far corner of the room, there stood a woman that held a wine glass. Her eyes were fixed on Rain and Leena the

ather be here and keep you company." Fred Chen wasn't the type of person to enjoy these kinds of glamorous parties as he hated social interactions.

Annie glanced at him and asked, "You sure?" Annie didn't want Fred Chen to get distracted because of her.

"Yeah. It's no big deal," he responded. "I only know a few people here." As a musician, Fred Chen was rather melancholic and sentimental.

"Ah! My ball!"

A sharp voice interrupted their conversation. Annie then saw the ball rolling towards her. She raised her head and saw a young boy running towards her.

"Richard, stop running! You might trip!" Annie knew who that voice belonged to. She could never forget how the voice of the man she loved sounded. Her body started to shake, and she could feel her eyes starting to swell.

Their eyes finally met and, it was as if, time had stopped.

Rain stood still. He could never forget how Annie looked like. He always made sure to remember her delicate features.

There was never a day wherein Rain didn't imagine that he'd meet Annie again but, he didn't expect it to be something as unexpected as this.

Annie's lips start to tremble. She parted her mouth open but, no voice came out. No matter how much she wanted to say something to Rain, her voice faltered.

It had been four years. With what Annie saw earlier, Rain might have already moved on, while she still harbored the same feelings of love for him that never died.

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