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   Chapter 1643 The Reunion (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7309

Updated: 2019-05-01 00:13

"Which is why you have to be nice to her no matter what happens!" Daisy exclaimed, as if commanding Kevin. "Got it?!"

What Kevin did next startled Daisy. He stopped in his tracks, stood firmly, saluted, and responded in a loud and firm voice, "Yes, Senior Colonel Ouyang!"

Daisy put on a furious expression and pointed at Kevin sternly. "Don't you dare make fun of me!" Daisy and Kevin looked at each other and then broke into a joyous laugh. It had been a while since they had laughed and bantered around. It was a nostalgic feeling they dearly missed.

Kevin and Leena held an extravagant party to celebrate Richard's birth and to their surprise, Richard had received plenty of luxurious gifts. Edward gave Richard a villa and Duke granted Richard ten percent of shares of the Leng Group. Rain and Tom couldn't lose to the two and sent Richard expensive gifts as well.

Leena laughed with glee. "Richard, you're such a rich boy!" She didn't expect her sworn brothers to be so generous to her son.

Justin scoffed, "Little landlord." Richard was the apple of everyone's eyes and they barely paid attention to Justin which made him displeased. Not to mention, Spencer kept pestering him. Justin finally made a break for it and ran away from him.

Justin huffed in victory as he had placed a big amount of distance between him and Spencer. Leena's eyes fell onto Justin and Spencer. Her brows arched.

"Jus… Jus…" Spencer staggered towards Justin with his arms wide open. He wanted to play with him.

Then, Justin burst in anger, "I'm not Jus! It's Justin! J-U-S-T-I-N! Stop bothering me and just go stick to your aunt!" Justin quickly ran off, not intending to play with Spencer at all.

"Jus…" Spencer tried to run after Justin but his feet got tangled and he fell to the floor. Spencer then started to bawl. Leena was about to rush over but she already saw Justin rushing in to help Spencer stand.

"Are you an idiot?" Justin asked. "How the heck did you fall?" Justin offered his hand and Spencer took it. Justin then helped Spencer to stand back up on his feet. Spencer sniffled and wiped his tears away with his sleeve. Justin let go of Spencer and took a step away

ur seat, okay?"

As Richard understood, he smiled as Leena placed him at the child safety seat and buckled its seatbelt. Once Richard was secure, Kevin and Leena did the same and eventually, they started to drive and head off to the venue. It was the 60th anniversary of the FX Internation group and a grand party was held wherein elite and famous businessmen from various countries around the globe were invited to attend the party. "Nana!" Kevin called out and smiled.

"You look absolutely breathtaking!" Leena wore a long, white fitting dress which accentuated her statuesque body. She did not look like how a typical mother looked after birth. She loved to take care of her body, after all, and had occasional trips to the gym. Leena returned the smile as she tucked in a lock of her hair behind her ear. "Thank you."

She then looked at Kevin from head to toe and hummed, "You're not in a suit…" "Ah, I'm sorry. I just got back from the base and..."

"It's fine," Leena interrupted. "You don't need a suit. That military uniform fits you best."

Two years had passed and everything seemed to have changed. All except one thing, that Rain was still single. Rain stood by a French window, dejection completely written all over his face.


Snapping Rain out of his own trance was none other than a familiar voice. Rain turned to see Leena approaching him with two glasses of champagne. "Ah, Leena… Hey," Rain responded in monotone.

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