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   Chapter 1642 The Reunion (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7080

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The moment she stepped out, she already saw Kevin asleep on the bed. She sighed as she approached the bed and started to carefully dress Kevin up without disturbing his sleep.

When Leena finished dressing Kevin up, her eyes fell on the scars Kevin had on his body. It hurt her to see him like this but, when she saw Kevin asleep blissfully, tears started to fall down her cheeks slowly.

She stretched her hand and caressed his cheek. She always remembered how he said goodbye when he had to leave her for a month to attend to the army. She had missed him dearly as he could not be there during their child's birth. She smiled silently and thought, 'Look at how much you've changed, Kevin. I'm really worried about you.'

People say that women should be strong and independent and live a happy life, even without a man by their side. But, Leena needed Kevin. Even if she had a son to accompany her, she still wanted Kevin by her side.

Leena then went to the dining area and cleared the table. After that, she went back to the bedroom, took Kevin's hand and wrapped his arm around herself. She closed her eyes. 'At least, you're here now. That's all that matters.'

Morning then arrived, the sun illuminating the land, and the birds sang a song to whoever was up and awake. At the dining area, the table was set and filled with food to eat. The first one awake, Shannon hummed in satisfaction, "Looks good! Now, let me check up on Richard."

Shannon climbed up the staircase and went to the bedroom where Leena and Richard would be. Before Shannon could even open the door, she saw the door open and there stood Kevin at the other side.

Kevin's eyes widened as he was surprised. "Mom? Why are you here?"

Shannon was surprised as well. She was a light sleeper so there was supposed to be no way that she hadn't woken up at Kevin's arrival. "When did you come back?" she asked and looked at Kevin from top to bottom. "I didn't know you already returned."

"I just arrived last night. It was late and I didn't want to wake you up," Kevin responded. Shannon saw that Kevin was already in his military un

His mood lightened up immediately. "It felt like a dream. I'm also so grateful for Nana." Kevin always thought he'd never have a child but, it looked like the heavens heard his wish and he was blessed with a son.

"Make sure you be nice to Leena, alright?" Daisy warned Kevin. "She deserves it. If you do anything to hurt her, I swear I'll..." At the very start, Daisy had always seen Leena as a weak girl but, as time passed, she realized that Leena was strong and capable. Daisy could not help but admire her.

"I will, I will." Kevin stifled a chuckle. "Don't worry. Besides, I feel so lucky to have her in my life."

"You can't even imagine what happened when she gave birth to Richard!" Daisy exclaimed. "She kept on calling your name over and over again!" Daisy knew how Kevin felt when he couldn't support Leena when she was giving birth as she was a soldier as well. But, Daisy knew it'd be unfair if she did not say anything to Kevin about it.

Kevin looked at Daisy, his tone dropping as he asked, "Was she helpless then?"

"Of course she was," Daisy responded. "Giving birth is a highlight in every woman's life, you know? Even if her friends were there, she needed you the most. No one could ever replace you." Daisy was a mother herself and she completely understood Leena's sentiment.

Kevin felt absolutely guilty. He then sighed, "Looks like I owe her a lot mentally and materially."

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