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   Chapter 1641 The Reunion (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6795

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Being a wife is one thing but, being a mother is another. Adjusting to a new lifestyle was incredibly difficult for Leena but, together with her husband Kevin, she could manage. Now, they were a family of three, having a new born son as an addition to the family.

Leena, Kevin, and their son were in the bedroom, preparing themselves to end the day. She cradled their son as he placed a kiss on her cheek and a kiss on their son's forehead. The infant smiled and chuckled.

"Good evening," she beamed.

"Good evening," he responded and then looked at their son. "Good evening to you, too."

She faced her husband. "Go take a shower. I'll prepare us some food."

"That'd be great." He then took the towel on the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

When Leena saw Kevin enter the bathroom, it was only then she pulled down the top of her blouse, and started to breastfeed their son. She sighed, her cheeks slightly pink. "No matter how long it has been, I still can't get used to doing this in front of him."

She looked at her son and then the bathroom door. Her gaze shifted often on those two. She could not help but feel as if, she had not been doing the whole 'mother' thing correctly.

Leena then carried her son out of the bedroom and headed over to the dining area. She placed her son at a cradle and smiled. "Wait here for a bit, okay? Mommy's just going to cook something for daddy."

As if the baby understood, he smiled sleepily in response. Leena then walked her way to the kitchen and started to whip up a basic meal. She set the table up and placed the dishes she cooked at the center of the table. She served herself some food on her plate and then took her son from the cradle and cradled him. She sat herself down and started to eat.

Amidst eating, Leena was often interrupted by her own baby being playful in her arms. The baby would kick his legs and often pulled on his mother's clothes tightly, as if demanding for attention. She could not be angry at the baby. She looked at him with sof

at him.

It was this that Kevin wanted to avoid — that painful look that she had on her face. It hurt him as well. Kevin took a step forward and placed a kiss on her cheek. "No need. It's just the gauze that got wet. I'll have it replaced tomorrow back in the army base." He then walked over to the crib, leaned over, and kissed his son's cheek softly.

Leena could sense that Kevin was extremely exhausted and figured that he might not want to eat anything now, so she wrapped her arms around his body and said, "Why don't you head to bed? It's getting late, after all. It's already 2AM."

Kevin turned his body to face Leena. "Don't we have to keep an eye on Richard?" She smiled as she saw how Kevin was worried for Richard.

"No, we don't have to. He doesn't usually wake up until 6 in the morning." When Leena and Kevin looked at their son, Richard had a smile etched on his face. Kevin couldn't help but wonder if he was having a pleasant dream.

Kevin then decided to take the offer. "Looking at how Richard's fast asleep made me want to sleep, too." "Sure. But, put some clothes on, okay? I don't want you to catch a cold." Leena smiled.

Kevin playfully rolled his eyes and just took her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed while she went inside the bathroom to take the clothes she had prepared for him.

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