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   Chapter 1640 Kevin's Return (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6340

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It slipped her mind that the baby couldn't still see, and was unaware of what was happening. But Leena felt awkward being so intimate with her husband in front of the baby. Kevin stopped and held his wife at arm's length, drinking in the sight of her, before it hit him.

"Richard? The baby's name is Richard?" he asked. Finally, he released Leena. Hearing his son's name felt strange.

"Yes, that's right," she replied. Leena brushed back her sleep-mussed hair. "I forgot to tell you that he is Richard, our son. Dad gave him the name. It sounds perfect. How do you like it?" she spoke quickly. Whenever she talked about the baby, Leena was always delighted.

"Not bad. But..." Kevin slightly frowned. He blew out a breath. The early bird indeed catches the worm. Obviously, in this case, the early bird was his father. Kevin had wanted to name his son. But Nathan beat him to it. Wait! Their son? A boy? Justin must be extremely depressed! The little boy had told Kevin how much he wanted a baby girl. So, he didn't get his wish after all.

"But what?" Leena prodded him. "I think it's a good name." She pursed her lips, so they curved into a smile. The name was like a gift from their father.

"Good? Not at all. I doubt it," Kevin remarked. He was busy inspecting his wife. Her figure was fuller after giving birth. And she looked charming and sexier.

Oblivious to Kevin's lustful looks, Leena laughed. "Don't be unreasonable. It's a good name. And all of us think it is, so, you're outnumbered," she taunted. Sometimes, Kevin behaved like a child, like he wanted to pick a fight with another kid, and this was annoying.

"A good name will leave a good impression. I want nothing but good health and happiness for our boy," Kevin said. He turned to look at the crib again and stared at the tiny human being lying there. His wish for his son was simple. Happiness and good heal

eir child, instead of living a rich life, all because she was married to a soldier. If Leena didn't marry him, she would probably be enjoying life traveling the world. And this stabbed at Kevin's heart.

"Kevin, can you please turn around?" Leena requested. She finished changing Richard's diapers when she suddenly made the request.

His brows furrowed, Kevin asked, "Why?" It was a strange request that he didn't understand.

"I need to feed the baby now," she said. Leena blushed. Although they had been married for quite some time, she still felt shy around him when it came to bearing her body.

His face lit up mischievously before laughing. "Darling, you're still feeling shy around me? I'm your husband, not just anyone," he coaxed. They were a couple and had to be frank with each other, both in mind and body.

"I know. But please, just turn around. I can't get used to it," Leena answered meekly. Leena bit her lips anxiously. The thought of Kevin watching as she breastfed Richard made her heart pound. She couldn't help but be embarrassed.

Kevin gave in to her request. "All right. I'll go and take a shower," he said. His wife needed time to ease the transition, so Kevin would give her the time and space she needed to be comfortable.

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