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   Chapter 1636 Call Him Richard (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6754

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"Don't worry about it. They're just some small scratches. I bet they'll heal quick enough. Wait..." Daisy paused, looking at Edward's hand as well. "You're hurt too! What happened?" she asked in surprise, forgetting about her own wounds. When Leena was holding onto her hand earlier, Daisy knew she would unintentionally end up scratching with her nails. These wounds, though, were nothing compared to the injuries that she would expect during missions.

"Oh, all right. Now I get it! Was it all Leena's doing? Seems like we're both her enemies who deserve to be punished." Edward chuckled. It seemed like they were asking for it, in a strange way, since they simply adored Leena so much.

"Just don't take it to heart," she said, and then looked at Leena affectionately. "I don't even want to call them wounds. I have to go now. Mark is waiting outside." The new mother was still very much tuckered out and still asleep.

"All right," Edward said, looking at her. "Let me walk you to the car." Before Daisy could object, he took her other hand and headed for the door. Although he didn't seem like the type, he displayed his love and affection brazenly for all to see. Without looking back, he simply ignored the amused people in the room who were jeering at them.

"Bye, everyone! Please take care of Leena and the baby," Daisy said hastily. Being dragged by Edward, all she could do was waving good-bye over her shoulder while following him.

"Bye, Daisy!" the others answered in unison. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of them!" "Thanks for everything, Daisy!" Duke shouted after them, just before they left the room.

"I'm surprised that Edward didn't get mad after knowing that Daisy has got hurt," Rain whispered in a low voice. "Seems that Leena really has a good influence on him." It was just odd, in his opinion, to see his overbearing boss just laugh it off. Had it happened another time in the past, Edward would've definitely flipped out about it.

"Didn't you know?" Tom said, bursting i

n Leena's direction. He looked absolutely adorable with such innocent twinkle in his eyes.

"He has such nice skin. Much smoother than mine," Leena exclaimed. She reached out to touch his cheek gently, fearing that she might caress him too hard. Looking at his face, her eyes welled up with tears. A wave of warmth rushed over her, leaving her almost speechless.

"Of course! After all, he's just a baby, while you're a mother already. I'd be surprised if your skin's better than his!" Rain teased. He, too, liked the chubby little guy very much. His praise for him was almost too generous for someone like Rain.

"Our doctors did his checkup just now. Everything's fine, except that he has mild jaundice. What you can do for now is to nurse him in the following days, and from there, we can observe whether it can clear itself. If not, I'll treat him with blue light radiation," Tom said confidently. As he knew that mild jaundice in newborn babies was common, due to their livers not being fully developed, he didn't worry too much. To be sure though, he planned to check the baby's progress himself.

"Is it serious?" Leena, on the other hand, was instantly filled to the brim with worry. Although she had witnessed Eden receive blue light treatment before, she still couldn't stop herself from worrying when it happened to her own son.

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