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   Chapter 1633 Let Her Go (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9241

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Leena went home after the show. Though she was very busy during her business trip, she still made it a point to visit some places as she wanted her baby to feel how it was being in the place where she had lived.

It was six o'clock in the morning when the plane she was in arrived at the S City International Airport. Kevin was already there too. He rushed to her as soon as he saw her pushing her suitcase in a trolley. His happiness was evident on his face when he approached and welcomed her with a sweet kiss.

"Nana, how's your trip? Are you tired?" He began to examine her carefully right after he let go of her lips. He then picked her suitcase up for her.

"I'm not tired. Have you been waiting for a long time?" Leena wasn't really tired about the journey but she still felt that the trip was a little more exhausting than usual. It could be because of her pregnancy, thus, she felt that way.

"No. I've just arrived. I asked Lucy to make breakfast for you so you can have it when you get home. Let's go!" Lucy was a professional housekeeper who was arranged by Edward to take care of Leena. She was a cautious person.

"Yeah, I'm a bit hungry." The fact that Leena hadn't been abroad for a while made her feel weird about foreign food. As a result, she wasn't able to eat much while in Paris.

"You greedy cat," said Kevin adoringly. He then led her out of the airport happily while carrying all her things with just one hand.

"It's not me. It's the baby." Leena pouted like a spoiled child. She was even acting like a straightforward kid. She was already too comfortable with Kevin's presence, thus, she wasn't hiding her feelings anymore.

"Oh, yeah? When did our baby say that? Why don't I know?" Kevin couldn't help laughing as he thought, 'She has been using our baby as an excuse lately.'

"It's telepathy! Don't you know? Every mother knows what their baby is thinking," replied Leena immediately. It was good that she was able to make up that reason fast! She didn't even have an idea if what she said was true or not.

"Really? Then I really don't know that." Kevin put the luggage in the trunk and opened the door for her to sit in.

"Do you want to know? Do you want me to tell you?" said Leena with pride of a peacock. It felt good to see Kevin believed what she said even if it was without any basis. She had completely forgotten about how long her journey had been to get home.

"Okay, then tell me." Kevin pretended to be curious as he wondered how far could Leena cope up with what she was saying.

"I'm not going to tell you for free," countered Leena upon sensing how Kevin was provoking her. In reality, she didn't have much idea about what she was saying. She just said it to make fun of Kevin.


suddenly blurted the question out loud. From the way Leena grasped him, he knew how painful she was now.

"I really can't. It could have been less painful if it is cesarean, but I don't recommend it." Normal childbirth was better than caesarean birth in every way, so as a brother and doctor, he didn't want Leena to have a caesarean birth.

"I don't want a caesarean birth. I can hold on, really." Leena honestly wanted to see Kevin the most at that moment. However, he was a soldier who always had his own mission to complete.

"Another contraction within five minutes and we'll take her to the delivery room." As a doctor, Tom had been observing the intervals between her pains.

"Girl, we can't go in with you. We'll be waiting for you outside the door. Don't be afraid." Edward pulled his hand away from her. Leena's abuse on his hand was so evident that it was covered with deep fingerprints. Even his blood filaments were all showing out due to how hard Leena had grasped him.

"Okay. I know. I won't be afraid," Leena said emotionally. Although Kevin wasn't with her, her brothers' words made her feel warm and happy.

"All right. We should go now. We all have to trust her." Tom carefully lifted her out of bed. He felt a little worried as he wouldn't be the one to help her inside the delivery room.

"How's it going? Did she give birth?" Suddenly, a sound of anxiety came. Daisy appeared in front of everyone in a green uniform.

"She is just going into the delivery room. What are you doing here?" Edward looked at her in surprise.

"I was just downtown when Belinda called me, so I came over." She was so worried that her forehead was still covered with sweat even in autumn.

Belinda was supposed to come to the hospital with Duke today, but Spencer had to stay with Belinda. Thus, she had to call Daisy.

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