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   Chapter 1632 Let Her Go (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8039

Updated: 2019-04-29 07:00

Leena was currently in Paris for work and it worried Kevin a lot. However, Leena enjoyed the trip because she hadn't been abroad for months due to her pregnancy. It was only now that she finally enjoyed the journey alone.

Another big news was that Claire and Gerard were now a couple. They were so in love with each other that people who saw them might even mistake that they were each other's first love. Many people said before that they would eventually give up because of something. They were all wrong. Their relationship was stronger than anything and it was bound to last a lifetime.

"Mignonne, you're going to be a mother. I'm so happy for you." Looking at the woman he once loved deeply, Gerard felt relief washed over him upon realizing that he wasn't obsessed with her anymore.

"Thank you! I'm so happy for you and Claire," said Leena calmly. It was obvious how she had become maturer. She was glowing with a mother-like elegance that she never had before.

"I'm sorry. I have not kept my promise." A man in a bad mood was easy to move. Claire had shown up on his saddest moment. He was guilty of taking Claire as Leena's substitute at first. He wasn't able to control himself though from falling in love with her gradually. Now, he had forgotten the painful memories of the past and had become happy again.

"I think this is the best for us." Leena smiled softly without showing any other emotion.

"Yes, you're right. I'm happy with her now." Gerard knew what she meant, thus, he gave her a gentle smile.

"Please treat her well." Sister-in-law or not, Leena thought that Claire was a good girl even if she used to be headstrong. She couldn't request for anything else but for Claire to have the best.

"I will. I want you to be happy, too." This was the first time Gerard sincerely wished her well since they broke up.

"Thank you. I'm sure that we will all be happy," was Leena's reply before turning to the door. She saw a familiar built approaching, thus, she waved her hand and said, "Look, here comes Claire."

"You have changed so much. I almost didn't recognize you." Claire naturally sat next to Gerard and kissed him. The action was so sweet and intimate and yet Leena didn't feel embarrassed witnessing it. Rather, she felt happy for the love between the two.

"Really?" Leena asked anxiously. She had been very worried about getting fat due to her preg

ll happy annoyance. He is just doing it because he loves you so much." Claire felt a little sad upon thinking of how Kevin might have looked while Leena was away. He might be depressed.

"I know that. Nevertheless, he's really annoying." Kevin was calling Leena every two hours. In her opinion, it seemed that Kevin was doing it not because he loved her but because he was worried about the baby in her belly.

"Then tell him he is annoying!" joked Claire with a light laugh. She never expected this time to come. A moment when she could just be happily talking with Leena. She used to hate her so much in the past.

"I can't do that, young lady," Leena said nervously as she silently reprimanded herself, 'Gosh! Why did I even tell it before her? Stupid Leena! How on earth did I forget that they are siblings? Of course, she'll take her brother's side!'

"Haha! Don't be so serious. I'm just kidding." Talking to Leena this way put Claire in a good mood. Thus, she forgot about Louisa for a moment.

Meanwhile, Gerard was just listening to them the whole time. He felt really nice to see these two women this happy. He was finally over Leena, therefore, he could now give his all to Claire.

Sometimes, giving up someone who didn't love you back could be a good thing. As long as you knew how to handle the situation and choose wisely, then you could still be happy. Gerard had proven that. He had regained himself with the help of Claire. Not all people who came to our life were bound to stay forever. Thus, you should be sensible to see the one who would stay beside you for a lifetime.

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