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   Chapter 1630 Leo's Birthday (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7260

Updated: 2019-04-29 00:36

"I'm just here for Brian," said Daisy curtly. Even as she saw his eyes welling up with tears, she was determined not to forgive him easily. There was no way she could forgive a man who hurt both her mother and her so much.

"Sure, sure. He's upstairs at the moment." It didn't matter who Daisy came for. To Leo, as long as he could see her, everything else was minor details he could live with.

Despite frowning upon his wife's stubborn attitude, Edward did not try to say anything. He loved her no matter what, and if this was the only way she could cope for the meantime, he would be by her side to guide her until she was ready to take another step closer to letting old wounds heal.

"Happy birthday, Grandpa!" greeted Justin. As a child, he didn't know what was going on between the adults, and he didn't want to get involved in it either. Thus, he treated people the same way they treated him, regardless of their relationship with one another.

"Justin. You look taller now. Come here, I have a gift for you!" Although Leo felt somewhat hurt by Daisy's distance, his young grandson's cheerful spirit uplifted him.

"What's that, Grandpa? Is it the telecontrolled aircraft that you promised me last time?" Justin ran toward him happily. It appeared like he was close to Leo, almost as though they frequently met up with each other.

"Go and check it. You won't be disappointed." Leo cherished the happy atmosphere with family around. Although Daisy didn't attempt to offer any kindness towards him, her presence was more than enough.

An inexplicable feeling arose within Daisy as she saw Justin getting along well with Leo while she walked away. Deep down, she couldn't blame her father so much as Justin was a sweet boy who could charm anyone around him.

"Daisy, Edward," greeted Brian. "You're here!" With casual clothes on, Brian looked much more mature than he did a year ago. They seemed to fit him as he looked rather dashing now.

"Hey, Brian. You got more handsome." A bright smile appeared on Daisy's face as she said it. She hugged Brian affectionately, but not for long, as she was pulled away by a jealous man. Edward stared at th

he army base. It never occurred to him that perhaps, Daisy cared about these kinds of gifts.

"No, I like them. Just like any other ordinary woman." Daisy lifted her chin in annoyance, looking at him with passive-aggressive eyes. Edward decided it was time to wave the white flag.

"Okay. I'll get you lots of gifts later then, if you like them so much." When she looked at him that way, he just couldn't stand it. So he conceded almost immediately, and promised to give her gifts like she wanted. Anything, just as long as she didn't need to receive it from Brian anymore, But the man in question laughed at him. "Are you buying her vegetables? Lots of gifts?" questioned Brian. "Don't you know that less is more?" Having no mercy, Brian burst into fits of laughter as he teased Edward.

"That's none of your business," Edward said, gritting his teeth while glaring at Brian again.

"How typical of a rich man. I can understand it," said Brian mockingly. He took pleasure in seeing Edward's pissed off expression.

"Okay gentlemen," Daisy broke up their bantering. "Can't you two try to maintain peace? You always fight when you meet." If not for her intervention, the men wouldn't have stopped. They were a lot like Justin and Leena, who never got along well with each other. No matter how much they tried, they still wound up quarreling the moment they were in the same room.

"He started it!" accused Brian, feeling a bit wronged.

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