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   Chapter 1629 Leo's Birthday (Part One)

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"What happened to you?" Cynthia asked when they returned home. "I thought you were going to the beach?" Taking in Daisy's appearance, she grew inquisitive at once. "You look quite messed up," she continued to probe. Turning to her son, she looked at him expectantly for an explanation. The woman was freezing in wet clothes.

"We had a bit of an accident, that's all," said Edward, and then stealing a glance at Daisy who appeared uncomfortable under Cynthia's scrutiny, he added, "We'll just take a shower and get ourselves cleaned up. I'll explain later." Worried about Daisy, he just wanted her to get out of those wet clothes straightaway as she was on her period. She was particularly more susceptible to getting sick during such time each month, and thus, he wanted to ensure she was okay before sitting down with Cynthia.

"Don't worry, Mom," Daisy said, putting on a faint smile. "I just really need to get changed right now." Surprised to have Edward wrap a towel around her, Daisy didn't notice until then that since she was drenched all over, her clothes had become transparent. Thanking him quietly, she turned her attention to Cynthia again.

"Okay," Cynthia conceded. "Go on then. Even though it's still technically summer, you could still catch a cold." Whenever Daisy encountered problems, she always handled them with a calm and mature demeanor, and Cynthia just admired that about her. She was a woman who knew how to remain levelheaded, and generally did not like to trouble others with things she could deal with on her own.

After they excused themselves politely, Cynthia gazed after their retreating back. Once they disappeared out of sight, she turned towards Justin, and began to ponder about things.

"Why are you looking at me with such eyes, Grandma? Have I done something wrong?" the boy asked nervously. "You're freaking me out a bit." The boy couldn't help but feel guilty as she stared at him. Although he behaved well and didn't get into any trouble, he somehow felt the opposite under her overcritical gaze.

"Why don't you tell me what you did?" It wasn't Cynthia's first thought, but after Justin's strange response, she became suspicious. As

rday. Her father was just there, and she couldn't keep ignoring his existence forever.

"It sounds like you really want me to go, huh?" Daisy asked, pouting. If there was anyone she didn't like to be reminded about, it was Leo. Her heart ached immediately every time she thought of him.

"No. I respect you," he said. "But I think I have to go since he sent the invitation to me. Hey, darling." He gently rested a finger under her chin and continued, "He's always going to be your father. You have his blood. That's never going to change." As much as Edward didn't want to keep persuading her, he just didn't want her to wake up one day with regrets.

"Okay," Daisy agreed slowly. "Just give me some time. I'll think about it." She reached out and hugged him by the waist. Closing her eyes, she rested her head against his arm to seek warmth. Every moment she had with Edward was a joy to behold. No matter what happened, she could talk to him.

Smiling inwardly, Edward lowered his head to plant a soft kiss on her wet hair. He knew why she was struggling so much, and so he decided not to badger her further. He might as well give her the time she needed.

Eventually, after giving it much thought, Daisy decided to go with Edward back to the house again. Everything had changed since the last time she was there.

Daisy's appearance came as a huge surprise to Leo. He was so touched by it, and so overjoyed that he couldn't utter a single word.

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