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   Chapter 1628 Trip To The Beach (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8656

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However, no one dared walk up to her or strike up a conversation. She looked so aloof and distant that people hesitated, fearing they would be made a fool if they approached her unassailable presence. Passersby contented themselves with stolen glances in her direction.

Daisy, of course, was completely aware of their covetous glances, but she paid no heed to their attentions. Her world revolved around her husband and son. She kept a mindful eye on Justin and Edward, who were joyously romping through the shallow waves with the motorboat.

Justin hadn't known that his father was a top-notch water sports enthusiast. Edward showed off by playing several water games with him on their boat. Justin considered that he had underestimated his father.

"Daddy, you seem to know everything!" Justin praised his father excitedly, as they pulled to a stop in the shallows with the engine still purring behind them.

"Yes, your father is an all-rounder. Do you think it's easy for me to be the fantasy of all women? It takes knowledge and skill." The word "modest" was not in Edward's dictionary. He accepted Justin's compliment proudly, bantering sonorously due to his wife's absence in the boat.

"You mean you've practiced these sports before?" Justin asked again, as Edward had reached a whole new level of cool in his young mind, and he was overcome with admiration.

"Come on! No one is made to know everything." In Edward's eyes, Justin was enjoying a much happier childhood than he had. Justin was assured of his parents' and grandparents' love and company, unlike Edward who had been doomed to a lonely youth, absent of familial love. As a youth, he had entertained himself with various kinds of sports to stave off boredom. As a result, he had gained many skills.

While they were still chatting, a figure raced past them and dashed into the surf.

"It's mommy!" Justin yelled, his eyes wide with surprise. He didn't understand why Daisy would suddenly run into the water.

"Don't worry, son. You stay here. I'll go check on her." Edward was concerned that something was wrong, and he wanted to follow Daisy. But, torn between his son's safety and the safety of his wife, he briefly hesitated. Despite how clever Justin was, he was still a child and needed minding.

"Daddy, just go to help mommy. I promise I will stay right here." Justin clapped a hand to his chest to assure Edward. He knew why Edward hesitated.

"Some people are drowning!"

"The water is too deep over there. I don't dare to go in."

"A woman is already swimming out, but I wonder if

verybody in S City knew who they were.

After realizing their identities, people began to fawn over them. Once the girl was taken away by the ambulance, Daisy and Edward immediately retreated to their car with Justin.

"Honey, dry your hair first. Justin, come here to the passenger seat. Let mommy change her clothes." Edward handed Daisy a clean tower and opened the car door for her.

"No need to change the clothes. I'll take a shower once we get home." Daisy took the towel and began to dry her hair.

"Okay. Wrap yourself with a dry towel. Otherwise, you might catch a cold." Edward handed another towel to Daisy before jumping in the driver's seat. It was a hot summer day, but his swimsuit was still damp. He considered briefly that their wet clothes would spoil the leather seats and these might need to be replaced later.

"Justin, change your clothes." Daisy took out Justin's clean clothes from a plastic case. She was too shy to disrobe from her wet clothes in public and in front of Edward and Justin. But Justin was still a child, and she felt that it was fine for him to quickly change clothes.

"Mommy, why did that girl go near the deep water? She doesn't even know how to swim. Didn't she know that it would be very dangerous?" Justin asked in confusion. He knew he was not a skilled swimmer, so he didn't dare to go near deep water. Even a small kid like himself knew to avoid danger; so, why didn't the girl realize her folly?

"Maybe, she didn't expect the hovercraft would be knocked over by the big waves," Daisy said shrugging. But on the inside, she thought, 'Perhaps, she was too busy having fun with her boyfriend, and didn't notice that they had reached dangerous and deep waters.'

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