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   Chapter 1627 Trip To The Beach (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8859

Updated: 2019-04-28 12:27

"Really? Do I have to answer that question... now?" Edward stole a glance at Justin and hesitated. 'There's a kid here. I don't think it's appropriate to discuss this right now,' he thought to himself.

"Yes, right now. I want to know," Daisy answered without even a second's diffidence.

"Well, Senior Colonel Ouyang, I think the most important thing is our sex life," Edward mumbled in a low tone, but his expression remained fixed, denying that he had just discussed something inappropriate.

"Ha-ha!" Justin couldn't help laughing out loud at Edward's mumbled words, but he immediately hid his wide toothed grin behind hastily raised hands when he saw Daisy's stern face. He wisely decided to keep quiet, otherwise his mother would surely punish him.

"Mr. Mu, you are such an asshole! How can you even mention that in front of our child?" Daisy snapped, her face twitching in surprise. She had always known he was a willful man, but she hadn't expected that he would broach their sex life with their son present.

"You demanded an answer to your question!" Edward defended himself, looking rather innocent.

"Really? So, you'll do whatever I ask you to do? Then, why don't you do 100 push-ups right now?" Daisy said through gritted teeth. She was feeling disarmed by her husband's innocent defense.

"Now?" Edward asked in disbelief. He was in full business attire, including leather shoes!

"You don't want to do it?" Daisy snorted.

"Fine! Just 100 push-ups. That's a piece of cake." Edward began to unbutton his coat. If his employees were here, they would never believe their eyes. Their aloof boss was a lamb, tamed by his wife.

He shed his coat and briefcase into Daisy's arms purposefully. Since she asked him to do the push-ups, she could carry his stuff.

"Justin, come sit on your daddy's back!" Daisy ordered just as Edward dropped down.

"Great! I love that." Justin was excited at the free piggy-back ride.

"Wait! Are you trying to murder your husband? You didn't mention that earlier!" Edward was startled. Yes, 100 push-ups meant nothing to him. But if Justin sat on his back while he was doing push-ups, he believed he would be challenged, possibly beyond even his limits.

"I just changed my mind. You did say that 100 push-ups is a piece of cake for you. So, I have to make it harder. Otherwise, you won't learn your lesson," Daisy said with a cunning smile. 'He will be exhausted after that, and he will be unable to punish me later,' she thought to herself.

"Can I say no?" Frustration was written all over Edward's face. He hadn't expected his wife to be so cruel.

"Hmm, what do y

so stunning that many women were already stopping to gawk at him.

"Just go, already! Keep Justin safe." Daisy cast a withering glance at him before she looked around casually. She seemed to be enjoying the view, but actually she was observing their surroundings and the people in it. Edward was a big shot in S City, and had many enemies; danger could spring from any corner.

"Will do! Try to relax a bit, honey. And watch out for lady-killers!" After saying that, Edward ran towards Justin who was playing in the sand. This was a family excursion, and they hadn't brought a bodyguard with them, as they wanted to enjoy the trip without being checked on.

Daisy's eyes twinkled at Edward's words. 'Lady-killers? There's only a lady-killer here, and that is you, my dear!' she thought.

Daisy reclined on a deck chair, shaded by a beach umbrella while she gazed at her husband and son affectionately. The moment was filled with contentment, and she considered that she had told Edward their relationship had become stale only the day before. How wrong she had been, for all she really wanted was to spend time with her husband and son, forever.

At times, the ocean was a calm opportunity for refreshment of body and soul, but sometimes, it became fatal and restless, offering only danger. Daisy was pulled from her reverie when she saw Edward and Justin's motorboat rushing through the waves. Anxious now, she leaned forward, fearing a mishap was eminent. Edward fortunately, was knowledgeable and cautious when their son was concerned.

Daisy, caught up in the safety of her loved ones, did not notice that many men were staring at her instead of the bikini girls. She emanated a unique aura, a charm which people in her presence found hard to resist.

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