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   Chapter 1626 An Old Married Couple (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7910

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"It's not business. His birthday is in two days. He wants us to have dinner with him." Edward wanted to know her answer. Given her coldness toward Leo in the first place, he wasn't expecting much.

"Yeah, okay. You and Justin can go." Although she still hated Leo, she would not stop Justin and Edward from having dinner with the man.

"He wants to see you. By the way, Brian will be there too," Edward said casually. He had done his best, and he could do nothing if Daisy still refused to go.

"That was all he wanted? Nothing else?" Daisy snorted. 'Now he regrets what he did, huh? It's already too late,' she thought.

"I got him an appointment with Tom. He wasn't feeling good." It was not until now that Edward remembered that.

"Ha-ha! That old faker!" Daisy taunted. Disdain was written all over her face.

"Daisy, I think he was serious." Edward turned to look at Daisy, as if he didn't know this woman. She was always thoughtful and considerate of others. Most times, even sympathetic. Why was she so mean to Leo?

"Leave me alone! You don't know anything about it! My mom and I went through hell because of him," Daisy snapped back. She was a little annoyed by Edward's nagging.

"What do you mean, I don't know?" Edward asked coldly. He was a proud man, and he couldn't bear to be accused by his wife like that.

"Sorry. I lost it there. Please don't take it too hard." Daisy sincerely apologized. Leo wasn't worth her starting an argument with Edward.

"You think I can pretend nothing happened?" Edward tried his best to hold back his anger. He had waited two hours for Daisy, but hadn't expected that they would start arguing over something stupid.

"Fine! Mea culpa. I overreacted." Daisy was really frustrated now. She had thought she could pretend that Leo was not there and live her life without him. But the truth was he was still very much a part of her life and she just couldn't move on.

"You know, I don't need your apology." Edward's voice softened. No matter how angry he was, his anger would fade when he saw her frustration.

"You know, this kind of crap's getting old. Like us." 'We are so familiar. I know you like the back of my hand. I can get your point just with a look,' she thought to herself.

"What do you mean by that?" Edward cried. The car screeched to a halt with grinding brakes as Edward

d there were a lot of girls around. It was not my fault. I was born with a handsome face." Edward answered in a serious manner, as if he were a soldier answering the officer's question.

"You seem to be quite proud of yourself. When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me?" Daisy sneered. 'You're handsome? Why don't you say you're unfaithful?' she snorted to herself.

"Senior Colonel Ouyang, you were off on a training mission, under a radio silence order. We were unable to tell you," Justin answered in a loud voice. He had been living in the army base for years, and he knew the jargon, and how to answer the officer's question.

"And after that? Why didn't you tell me when I got back?" Daisy asked. It was long ago, and she and Edward weren't that close at that time. She was a little embarrassed as she began to think she was making a mountain out of a molehill.

"Senior Colonel Ouyang, we thought it was no big deal, so we didn't tell you." Edward answered the question in the way Justin did. He didn't think it was necessary to tell Daisy. After all, he had countless admirers. If he had to tell Daisy about stupid little things like this, he'd be exhausted.

"Well, Mr. Mu, what do you think is a big deal, then?" Daisy continued. She wouldn't let Edward go unless he gave her a satisfactory answer. She was now treating Justin and Edward as her inferiors, and she should maintain her dominating aura. She liked it.

Justin tried his best to hold back his laughter. His mother was now concentrating her fire on his father, which meant he was safe now.

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