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   Chapter 1625 An Old Married Couple (Part One)

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"Come on, Kevin. I can take care of myself. Aren't you busy now?" Leena asked. She had been sitting there drawing before Kevin called. She stood up and stretched her legs.

"Yeah, I am. But I'm worried about you." While speaking with Leena on the phone, Kevin let his eyes settle upon the latest weapon designs on the table in front of him.

"Don't worry. That's what servants are here for. We have three of them." Leena believed that Kevin was overreacting. There were three servants in their house, and she believed there was nothing for Kevin to worry about.

"I'd still be worried if we had 30. Have you had any milk?" After learning that drinking milk during pregnancy was good for both mom and child, he made sure Leena had a glass of milk every day. She was beginning to get sick of it.

"Come on! I already had a glass. Stop nagging." Leena shook her head in resignation. She lowered her head but wasn't able to see her toes, as her belly was swollen like a basketball.

"Okay, okay. I gotta hang up now. I'm very busy and won't be home til late. Don't wait for me to have dinner." Kevin couldn't help but frown when he thought about his assignment — check on the Falcon's training schedule. The training program seemed to get nowhere.

"Got it! Take care of yourself. Bye!" After hanging up, Leena stared back at her designs on the desk. It seemed that the launch event of autumn clothing needed to be postponed. She couldn't finish the designs on time. As for the winter clothing, she really had no time and decided to cancel it.

At FX International Group

"Hey, why are you here?" Edward asked with a frown, looking at Leo.

"Here's the thing. My birthday's in a couple of days. I was wondering if you and Daisy could have dinner with us on that day?" Leo answered politely. He couldn't help but show respect for Edward.

"That's not up to me. I'll have to ask Daisy first," Edward said with a shrug. Although Daisy didn't object to Edward and Justin contacting Leo, her attitude towards him hadn't changed. There was no love lost there.

"I know. Please tell her Brian will be back then. She'd like to see him, I think." Leo knew Daisy cared for her brother, Brian, and she would come as long as Brian would be

he car and looked at Daisy's direction. Even the sunlight was obscured by his gleam.

"Didn't he call you to let you know?" Mark asked and stopped the car. It was not the first time that Edward came to pick Daisy up.

"Uh... You're dismissed. I'll ride in his car." Daisy straightened her clothes before getting out.

Edward stayed still and stared quietly at his wife. His eyes were full of affection.

Daisy walked up to him, her face burning, red with shyness. His eyes were so blazing hot that she couldn't bear it.

"You haven't waited long, I hope?" she asked as she reached out to hold his waist. Her heart softened.

"Um, about two hours," Edward checked his watch and answered indifferently. He stroked her back and urged, "Let's go." His voice was gentle, and his eyes were soft. He was a man of grace and elegance.

Edward opened the passenger seat door and closed it after he made sure she was all in. Even though she was a military officer, he believed that she still needed his care.

"You seem to have something on your mind," Daisy said, as she put her bag in the back seat and smoothed her hair.

"Leo came to see me today." Edward stole a glance at Daisy, interested in how she would respond.

"Oh, okay," she said indifferently.

"You don't want to know why he dropped by?" Edward was surprised to see her lack of interest. He hadn't seen that coming.

"No, your business is... well, your business." Daisy turned her head and looked out the window.

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