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   Chapter 1623 First-month Celebration For Luke's Baby (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6872

Updated: 2019-04-28 00:36

"Well, I don't know, either. At least not yet." Not knowing the baby's gender might not be a bad thing. Leena did not ask the doctor about it either. It was a blessing from God, whether it was going to be a boy or a girl.

"What's up, you guys? It looks like you are getting along quite well today." Michelle was not as slim as before. After she gave birth, she had become more calm and mature, as could be told from the gentle expression on her face. She had become a mother. For those who knew nothing about her past, it would be hard to believe she used to lead a wild and carefree life.

"Auntie Michelle, something must be wrong with your eyes. Me and her? Getting along well? That's not gonna happen. Ever." Justin wanted a female cousin.

"Oh? Really? So this is all a mistake then?" Michelle exchanged a look with Leena. She joined Leena in making fun of Justin, to Leena's delight.

"Of course, it is. Me and her get along? We are just like the water and the fire which would never get along. Never, ever, ever. Auntie Michelle, you'd better keep close watch over your baby. Keep him away from someone with horrible intentions." Justin cast a sidelong look at Leena. Obviously, the someone he was referring to was Leena.

"You little brat. What did you just say? What the hell? Horrible intentions? Don't talk bad things like that about me again. I'm offering you a chance to take it back." Leena was sweet to most people. But things would always go differently when she was with Justin. If there was any possibility between them to stay in peace, planet Mars would collide with Earth.

"Listen, Auntie Michelle. You heard it. She is saying rude words. There's no way that she could say kind words to me. Oh, do you know that she has been doing prenatal education? I seriously doubt it, if the education would work. I'm so worried about my future cousin!" Justin said in a concerned tone as if he was helpless against his Auntie Leena.

"You'd better worry about yourself!" Leena retorted back in a seemingly angry tone and moved th

a. Spencer was more than one year-old now. But every time Belinda went out carrying Spencer, she had tons of things to prepare first.

"That makes sense. By the way, where is Belinda? I haven't see her either." Michelle agreed with Leena's possible explanation. She decided not to worry about Patricia.

"She is in the garden with Daisy. They seemed to have something important to talk about." That was probably why Spencer liked to cling to Justin. Their mothers always left them together.

"When will Kevin come back?" Michelle played and teased Owen while chattering with Leena. She did not have to go out to deal with the guests because her parents-in-law were the ones doing the entertaining.

"Not today. He called me last night and said that it would be another two days before he got back." Leena had already gotten used to this kind of life, being the wife of a military man. She had to be strong enough to endure the days of being apart from him.

"Is he away to attend a meeting?" Daisy mentioned something about it to Michelle so she knew a bit.

"Yes. Nothing to worry about." Leena reached out and touched her belly gently. She did not feel like complaining. Instead, she tried to make the most of the moment and feel happy while waiting for Kevin to come back home. A reunion was always especially precious after being apart for a long time.

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