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   Chapter 1622 First-month Celebration For Luke's Baby (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6572

Updated: 2019-04-28 00:26

It was already late in the night when Louisa eventually became sober completely. She claimed that she was invited by a friend to a bar for a birthday party. After the party was over and everyone had left, she felt that she didn't have enough fun so she stayed a bit longer and drank alone to drown out her misery.

A man came over, trying to have a little chat with her. She wasn't really in the mood but when she gave him a second look, she found that that man wasn't all too bad. The longer she stared, the better he looked. Maybe it was the alcohol. She was already miserable anyway, so she did not refuse him. Meeting strangers and hooking up happened a lot in bars.

After a few drinks and a bit more conversation, they had become comfortable with each other. Louisa gradually relaxed and let her guard down. The stranger then took the opportunity to put the drug in her drink secretly and had her finish it all.

She did not feel genuinely scared until she felt too dizzy and was unable to speak. It no longer felt like the typical alcohol buzz.

For what happened next, she had no idea at all. Her mind went blank all the way. When she finally woke up in the hospital, she felt as though she had just woken from a dream. A bad one. Everything was so unreal.

A complex of emotions surged from within her when she found out that Kevin saved her. While she was very thankful, it was frustrating to think that in front of the very person she wanted to impress the most, she was always at her worst. No wonder he was never thrilled by her. No one wanted to waste time with a loser.

"I heard you are pregnant. Congratulations," Louisa said in a tone that was less than enthusiastic, as she stood beside Leena's bed. But she realized that she could not keep running after a happily married man for the rest of her life. She knew that she had to move on and this time there was no turning back.

"Yeah. Thank you. Are you okay?" Leena had never expec

ing back and forth with her?

"Really? How can you be so sure about that? I remember that Spencer can play with him, too." The corners of Leena's mouth could not help curving upwards whenever she thought of her little cute nephew waddling around.

"Really? He can't even walk well now! Don't treat me like a fool! Come on!" In Justin's mind, the short-legged cute baby Spencer was just like his auntie and did not always get along well with Justin. But as soon as he saw Justin, he would run to him and ask for hug.

"Don't overreact. Did he piss on you again?!" Leena gloated. Spencer liked Justin. He would cling to Justin as long as they were together. Several times, he couldn't hold it in and pissed on Justin. Did Spencer think his cousin was a toilet bowl? It was always hilarious.

"Auntie Leena, is your baby a boy or a girl?" Justin changed the topic, trying to get more information. That was his strategy when facing a potential enemy.

"You can make a guess." Leena could not help wondering what was wrong with Justin. He quickly changed topics, one after another. He must have his own purpose and agenda. She decided to be calm when dealing with him.

"I won't ask you if I could guess it." Justin cast a disdainful look at Leena, as if she was talking about something really stupid.

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