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   Chapter 1621 Sanford Ke (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7520

Updated: 2019-04-27 17:16

"Enough, Vance. Don't make her feel worse than she already is. Tiana, go on, tell us what happened. Why did he freeze your assets? What did you do for that to happen?" asked Eugenia in a serious tone. Eugenia was woman of breeding and knew when to get serious, especially in critical situations. She wouldn't lose control of herself and put her family in even more danger.

"I just touched the girl Rain had dinner with. How should I know she was pregnant." said Tiana in a low voice, her feet fidgeting slightly. She agonized over whether she knocked Leena down and caused her to miscarry. Was that why Rain was utterly furious?

"What? She was pregnant? Are you sure?" asked Eugenia, visibly alarmed. She then descended in deep thought, as if she had thought of something important. If the girl was pregnant, there was a big possibility she was married. Why did Rain and a pregnant woman have dinner together?

"Yes, I am absolutely sure about that. She was pregnant. I remember her to be really sweet, lovely and young, even though she was pregnant." Tiana added. All this could have been avoided if only she paid more attention to her belly rather than her disarming beauty.

"Well, is she Rain's girlfriend?" asked Hannah after being quiet for some time. She never knew Rain was in a relationship.

"Nah, she isn't. I guess she is probably Rain's sister." Tiana said as the memory played again in her mind. She winced when she felt jealous of the intimate relationship between the two and jealousy spawned wicked ideas.

"Is she Duke Leng's sister?" Eugenia guessed. She was trying to cover all the possibilities. She knew that Duke's sister was well-connected and loved by many powerful people. Some rumours even said that the all-powerful FX International Group was also behind her.

"Ah! I don't really care about her name or family. Can any of you lend me your credit card?" Tiana asked, clearly exasperated. With her bank accounts frozen, she couldn't help but feel defenseless and uncomfortable.

"Well, if nothing else is to be done, I have more work to do. I'll be upstairs," Hannah said as she promptly got up and made for the door. She left so quickly that Tiana didn't have a chance to say anything. To her sister-in

blems again?" Tiana shifted uncomfortably in her seat and felt anxious when her father started walking towards the study.

"Your problems are not my concern any longer. You should work it out with Rain with a justified explanation and an apology." Sanford himself wouldn't have stayed at home if he knew Tiana was there, prepared to harass him for money.

Hearing the door close, she quickly turned to her mother. "Mom, everybody left. I have nobody else, except you," pleaded Tiana desperately. Mom was her last hope. All would be lost if her mother chose to just stand by and watch.

"I want to help you my dear, but my hands are tied. Haven't I told you that I invested too much into the stock market?" answered Sheena with a hint of sadness in her voice. The stock market was looking up and she was expecting large returns when she invested. However, unexpected things happened all the time and her stocks plummeted. She almost lost all of her savings.

"Wait, what? Does father know about that? You promised you would change!" Tiana said in disbelief. She just stared at her mother in shock. She never thought her mother would enter the stock market again after promising not to.

"Shhhh. Keep your voice down," shushed Sheena. "Do you want the whole house to know that?" She glared at her daughter, while slowly drifting into deep thoughts. She had always taken Rain lightly. But now he had drawn her attention, and she wouldn't let him go that easily. She would utterly destroy him.

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