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   Chapter 1619 Sanford Ke (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7261

Updated: 2019-04-27 08:28

The ward's doors swung open revealing Duke and Belinda's tired faces. They arrived in a hurry and evident on their faces was that they ran more than they walked. They were the last to know about Leena's accident. Behind them in the hallway was an agitated nurse berating the couple for walking in without registering.

"Where the hell is Rain? Why the hell did he take you out when he was unable to protect you?" exclaimed Duke. Leena waved the nurse off, signaling that everything was fine. As long as the situation involved Leena, it was expected that Duke would be on top of it. He would get emotional and do whatever he could to protect his dear sister.

"Stop it. Don't blame Rain. He also got hurt for me," Leena retorted, in a fruitless attempt to defend Rain. She believed that Rain would rather get hurt rather than just stand there and do nothing. Moreover, Leena just got frightened. She never got in any serious harm.

"Why do you keep on defending him? He took you out so he had this obligation to protect you. That's what a decent man should do, shield women and children from any harm, not put them in its way," said Duke, his eyes intense and expression furious. The air suddenly became heavy in the ward. The atmosphere only got worse when they arrived. Duke could be unreasonable sometimes. To his eyes, Leena was still his baby sister that he helped raise and carried around everywhere years ago who needed protection and care 24/7.

"Don't be ridiculous. You think Rain would have wanted this? I'm sure Rain must be beside himself for what Leena has been through." Although Belinda liked cracking jokes, she was reasonable and more level-headed. She didn't lose control of herself like Duke whenever Leena was involved.

"I guess you're blaming me," said Duke, turning to his wife, frowning. Like Edward, he placed a lot of importance on how his wife saw and treated him. He could get really upset if his wife had a bad opinion of him.

"Of course not. Stop being silly." Belinda quickly replied. Duke obviously made a mistake. Even then, he refused to admit it. Who was he trying to impress?

Leena sighed inwardly and felt awkward. An


"You watch your mouth, woman. This is my family and I never want to hear anyone of you calling him bastard ever again. Otherwise, I promise you'll regret your imprudence," shouted Sanford at his wife. Back then, he wouldn't even have dared to raise his voice at his wife. But now things had changed. His family's power was largely stronger than hers now. He wouldn't allow her to insult his son whether he was a bastard or not.

"Dad, please don't be angry at mom. She was just telling the truth. Don't you know what things have happened ever since Rain took over the company?" asked Cyrus grimly, gritting his teeth. Cyrus hated Rain and barely held back on his words, as long as they smeared Rain's reputation. Rain not only stopped him from getting his bonus, but also threatened to shut his illegal operations down.

"Innovation comes out of controversies. I know all of you have felt dissatisfied with him," Sanford turned to Cyrus and continued. "I know what you have done and what you're thinking right now. I made the stupid mistake of turning a blind eye to your filthy business in the hopes of saving our family from the humiliation you will no doubt bring. But Rain wouldn't be as lenient as I was. He has a sense of right and wrong. He dug deep and exposed your ugliness. Now you feel insulted and decide to take revenge." He knew he had to pay the price for his mistakes. Perhaps dealing with his family was his punishment.

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