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   Chapter 1618 The Father Of The Victim (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6552

Updated: 2019-04-27 07:42

"Of course, I do have good things to say to you. Would you like to know? Huh?" Edward winked at Daisy. His words and tone were so suggestive that Daisy's face turned red immediately.

"Ahem!" Daisy cleared her throat without replying to him. She was at a loss for words, shocked at Edward's shamelessness.

"Could you two stay here and look after Leena? I have to go and see the commander. He is here too," Kevin interrupted, breaking the awkward silence. The commander was his superior and it was only proper for him to go and visit him to inquire about his daughter. Besides, he could tell that Daisy was feeling embarrassed at the moment, and he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable by being there.

Daisy looked at Kevin in surprise. She asked, "What happened to the commander? Why is he at the hospital?" She wasn't informed that the commander was ill.

"He is all right. It's Louisa who is in a bit of a trouble. It's kind of complicated. I'll explain later." Kevin didn't want to give them any details about the incident without getting further information. They would have to wait till Louisa was fully conscious and could tell them what had happened to her on her own.

"I'm coming with you," Daisy said, with a finality in her tone. The commander was Daisy's superior too. Now that she was here at the hospital, she had to pay him a visit too.

"Okay. Let's go. Nana, we will be back soon." Kevin fixed the bed cover for her again, giving Leena a small smile. One could tell from the small gestures how deeply Kevin cared about Leena and their baby.

"Okay," Leena said, worried about Louisa's condition too. So she didn't mind Kevin visiting her. She wanted to know what the hell had happened to her and if she would be okay soon. "Don't worry about me. Edward is here."

Kevin glanced at Edward. If Leena hadn't reminded him about Edward, he would have completely forgotten that Edward was there in the room. He ignored his p

s where she was.

"Okay. Anyway, this is not the right time to talk about that. It can wait till she wakes up. The most important thing right now is her well-being." Even if they managed to grab these criminals, there were many others just like them all over the world and they could never fully get rid of them. So, the only option was for the women to be careful and mindful of their surroundings. They would have to watch out for themselves and be aware of the people around them, in case things like this happened.

"Doctor Qin is treating her right now. I believe she will recover soon. Then we will know exactly what the hell has happened." As a commander and the father of the victim, he was angry and also shameful that his daughter got drugged and kidnapped under his very nose. It was like a slap to his face. He had to take down the criminal group, no matter what, to get revenge for what they had done to his daughter and also to save his face.

"I am going to give Mr. Yi a call and see how the case is proceeding," Kevin said, and left the room to call Mr. Yi. He stood in the long hospital corridor, with the phone to his ear. Under the pale light, his military uniform seemed even greener, making him look more handsome. He was really a charming man, even when his face was so serious.

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