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   Chapter 1617 The Father Of The Victim (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6565

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Leena looked at them. Louisa was such a lucky girl. She had parents who loved her deeply no matter what she did. But Louisa took it for granted. Leena looked at Louisa and her mother with envious eyes. She had never gotten an embrace like this from her own mother.

The nurse came in with Louisa's report soon after and handed it over to Tom. He frowned as he read her blood sample report. The drug that the criminals had put in Louisa's food or drinks had already been banned and should have been destroyed a long time ago. He wondered how they had managed to get their hands on it.

"What? Is it bad?" Seeing the look on Tom's face, Kevin asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah, kind of. I have to perform a full-body check up on her and come up with an appropriate treatment immediately," Tom said, going through the report once again. This drug was very dangerous and if Louisa was left without treatment any longer, there would be some serious complications.

"Then what are you waiting for, Tom? Hurry up!" said Leena, who was more anxious than anyone else. Though she didn't like Louisa, she still wanted her to get better, especially after seeing her mother's tear-filled eyes.

"I know, I know. Stop rushing me! You take care of yourself." Tom glared at his little sister in fake annoyance. Only Leena could be this kind to someone who bore nothing but ill will for her.

The commander's wife raised her head and looked at Leena. 'Is this the woman who Kevin is in love with? My daughter lost Kevin to her?' she thought to herself, 'She is beautiful and sweet, but looks fragile. Is she really a suitable woman for a strong and powerful man like Major General Gu?'

Feeling the woman's gaze on her, Leena looked straight into her eyes. She sent a sweet smile her way. No matter what Louisa had done to her, her mother had nothing to do with all that. She was just a mother who was in pain right now. The commander's wife could not help but return t

nnoyance. Daisy was always spouting bad things about her own husband in front of their friends.

"You are lucky that you are my husband. Or I wouldn't have even bothered to say anything about you." Daisy didn't even blink as she said that. She was long used to Edward being dramatic.

"Kevin, don't you think we are being ignored again?" Leena said, amused at their bickering. "I don't think they are here to visit me. They are here to put on a show for us." This always happened when Edward and Daisy were together. They bantered nonstop and teased each other relentlessly, but Leena knew that they also loved each other deeply.

"Yeah, you're right," Kevin said smirking, "Well, we can just enjoy the show as long as it's free, right?" Leena laughed with him.

"And who told you it's free? If you want to watch more of this show, then you gotta pay," Edward scoffed, turning to Kevin. Well, he couldn't say anything to his wife, but at least he could do something about these two.

"Money? Is that all you think about? Doesn't it get boring? You really are a sly businessman." She raised one of her eyebrows at her husband with an obstinate look. "Why don't you keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything good to say?" It looked like she was really in the mood to keep bantering with Edward.

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